Go Dog, Go!

I’m going to the airport again in the morning.  My husband is leaving on yet another trip, this one for business.

I am staying home.  Again.  NOT ALONE.

My biggest dream in life has been reduced to this:  I want to be in my house alone.  For a week.

But that dream will not come true until the day it does and on that day, I am sure I will cry and wish with all my wrinkled heart that I was not alone and I will remember this night when I dreamed of being alone and I would kick myself if only I were flexible enough to do so.

In other news, after work today, I dropped off Zach at lacrosse practice at the YMCA.  He has to be there at 3:30 PM.  Grace’s soccer practice started at 4:45 PM and was located about ten minutes from the YMCA.  It’s pretty boring to arrive to practice an hour early, so today, I had a plan.

I took the dog with us and looked up online and found a dog park near the YMCA.  Perfection!  We found the park and discovered that dogs were allowed to unleashed but the park was not fenced.  Bad idea for me with a rambunctious puppy.

But I met a nice dog-lady (dog people are the nicest people in the world) and she told me about two other dog parks.  So, we chatted a little more and then got back into the van and headed to the second dog park.

Inside this enclosed dog park were . . . no dogs.  Lola sniffed around some, ran back and forth a few times, looked with disinterest at the tennis balls we found and so we decided to head to dog park number three.

Dog park number three looked promising.  It was located behind a humane society.  We approached the gate and discovered the closing time was 4:30 PM.  It was 4:30 PM.

So, three dog parks, no actual running around with dogs.

Some days are just like that, I guess.

Oh!  And guess what?  It rained today!  Just sporadically, but it enough that I kept saying, “I can’t believe it’s raining!” and flipping on the wind-shield wipers.

Now, to sleep so I can be semi-alert while avoiding semi-trucks on the freeway tomorrow.

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