Anyone else need a ride to or from the airport?

I drove to the airport tonight again.  For those keeping track at home, I drove to the airport on Tuesday afternoon.  I drove to the airport very, very early Wednesday morning.  And then tonight for an 11:30 PM pick-up.

I am really tired.

But I can find my way to the airport now, even without my handy-dandy GPS.  We’ve lived here for a year now and I love being able to find my way to important places like Costco and the airport.

The puppy was so thrilled to see Shane after his three-week absence that she jumped, whined and peed all over the entry way.  That, my friends, is love.

Lola the puppy did her dog thing this morning when she woke me at 7:40 AM because of a knock at the door.  Or maybe the ringing of a doorbell.  How should I know?  I was sound asleep.  Anyway, I threw on a bathrobe and opened my bedroom door and Lola bolted to the front door where she began barking at the exterminator who was just notifying me that he’d be spraying.

Lola and I went back to bed.

Did I mention I’m tired?

Incidentally, while the rest of the country has been sweltering, we’ve had a thick marine layer and temperatures under 70 degrees.  This morning a light sprinkle even covered my back patio.

With that, I’m heading to bed.  For real.  Forty-seven year old women should not be awake at 2:19 AM.

3 thoughts on “Anyone else need a ride to or from the airport?

  1. I’ve become super-familiar with our airport this past year, too, now that I have a husband who travels a lot. And what really stinks is his flights from Detroit usually leave around 6 am no matter what direction he’s headed in so that means getting him out there around 4. The one good thing is the main road that leads directly to the airport…in fact, it eventually kind of dead ends at the terminal…is only about a mile west of us. Once I’m on it, it’s like auto pilot the rest of the way, ha!

    Another day of 100 degree heat here…95 tomorrow…and then 82 on Sunday!!!!! Wooooooo hoooooo! We’ve been in the 90s-100s for what seems like forever now. I am really wondering what our electric bill is going to look like from the AC running so much, but no matter the sticker shock, it’s been worth every penny. And I had noticed how cool you’ve been! And also saw the video of San Diego’s fireworks exploding in about 10 seconds, lol! WOW!


  2. i have had 2 of my grandson’s the last 2 days. on is 3 the other 11. i have missed my naps and prepared too many meals. i thought about going on a mini vacation these 3 days i had off work…but no the grandma did the right thing…so i have missed naps, been up late (sigh)
    Saturday the painted is coming…thank God for his sabbath! rest!
    hang in there lady…someday you will be doing this crazyness wiht grandbabies! lol


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