Happy Independence Day!

I had a thought, an inspired thought, about something I could write about here.

But I have no idea what that thought was now . . . it’s been a little busy around here.  (Isn’t it always busy around here?) I have a list of phone calls to make and emails to send and the fish bowl needs fresh water and the kitchen is a wreck.  How am I possibly supposed to sustain a thought long enough to shape it into a blog post?


I took my husband and 14-year old to the airport this morning, then worked all day, then delivered Grace to soccer practice.  I took the dog, so it wasn’t very peaceful but I did read a little bit while waiting.  I’m reading A Prayer for Owen Meany.  I read it 24 or 25 years ago, so it’s interesting to read it again as an older person.  Also, weirdly enough, the plot has a link to the last book I read, even  though I didn’t choose it for that reason.  (I just finished The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd.)

I have to go to the airport again . . . leaving my house at 4 a.m.  The trick will be staying awake long enough to get back home and back into bed.  Wish me luck.

Hope your day is full of red, white and blue fun.  Or at least something festive and patriotic.  Or a potato salad.

3 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Hope you get to relax a little today, life sounds like it’s kind of kicking you around the block–too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

    Did you like “The Mermaid Chair”? I read it a few years back and I guess I live in some romantic alternate reality because the events in that one sort of rocked my world a little. . .

    I just finished two books, both Southern Fiction. . .Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns, which I’d read about 15 years ago and really liked. I re-read it to make sure it was a suitable suggestion for my 13 year old, it is but I don’t think she’s going to like it. I also finished a newer one by Fannie Flagg, “I still dream about you” which I also enjoyed, it’s got a little mystery in the middle of it which you can sort of predict how it’s going to end but it definitely made it a good read.


  2. I love A Prayer for Owen Meany. It has been years since I read it also, but John and Owen stand out as one of the best literary friendships ever. I might have to re-read it too.


  3. Two days in a row of going to the airport? If you did manage to stay awake to get back home (and back to bed), congrats! If only you could stay put for a while – but no – you have to go one more time to get Shane – and before you know it, you’ll have to go get your husband………at least you don’t need the GPS for that trip!

    Tim is smoking a brisket today. I have the requested company potatoes in the crock pot, and deviled eggs in the fridge. We’ll have good-looking strawberries from California dipped in chocolate for dessert. Not the traditional burgers and hot dogs we often have on the Fourth, but it sounds good to me.

    For your celebration, I hope you get to sleep!


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