Where in the world is Nik Wallenda?

I just finished watching the Nik Wallenda tightrope walk across Niagara Falls.

Even though he wore a harness, it kind of gave me a small heart attack.

However, the coverage highlighted the actual falls in such a beautiful way that it made me wonder why I’ve never visited Niagara Falls.  Such an incredible place!

Here are some other places in the United States I’ve never visited but hope to see one day.  This small list is in no way complete or comprehensive . . . just the first places that popped into my mind.

1)  The Grand Canyon
2)  Maine
3)  Washington DC
4)  Hawaii
5)  Alaska

Is it weird that I can’t think of other places?  Tell me what attractions or places I need to visit.

I have been to every state except for these:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
West Virginia

What am I missing?  Give me your best recommendations . . .

6 thoughts on “Where in the world is Nik Wallenda?

  1. Kentucky…what you have never been in Kentucky! I was born and raised there…it is so pretty. Lovely green grass, beautiful farms, horses and the hospitally is wonderful.
    I now live in Missouri and everytime I go home…it breaks my heart that I no longer live there.


  2. Yes, Niagara is awesome. The tv cannot convey it. It is the only place I ever went to as a child that was not dimished when I went as an adult. As an adult, I could afford the boat ride out on the river, and it enlarged the experience.

    (What was not awesome was the explosion of tacky tourist traps that have been built up around it: gambling, Ripley’s Believe it or not museum, etc. 🙂

    Cruising the Wisconsin Dells by barge is interesting. Fireworks over Lake Superior on July 4th at the northern tip of Minnesota. The sunset over Lake Superior as you travel the long highway on the Canadian side of the lake. Big Sur. The Point Lobos surf, CA? Smokey Mountains. Charleston, SC when azaleas are blooming. Savannah, GA, when the azaleas are blooming. Or at Thanksgiving, eating turkey pizza on the shore, watching dolphins jumping out of the sea. The now-departed Cypress Gardens in Florida: amazing banyan tree and other wonderful foliage unknown in mid-West. St. Agustine historical tour, by bus, FL. Aurelio’s pizza in Chicago. The Mackinac Bridge to the UP of Michigan.


  3. Yosemite and the Giant Redwoods in California.
    Arches National park in Utah and/or Monument valley in Arizona.
    Anything in Hawaii – each island is different; some are bustling and tourist-y, others are far more tranquil and escape-ish
    I’m assuming you’ve been to the amazingly marvelous Oregon coast, which is entirely different from Washington and California both.


  4. Two years ago my family did a driving tour of NM – flew into Albuquerque and wracked up 2,000 miles in a week. Skipped over into Arizona to do the Petrified Forrest and Painted Desert, then up to Sante Fe. Only disappointment of the whole trip was Carlsbad Caverns. Not impressed compared to Blanchard Springs in my home state of Arkansas. It was the best family vacation we have ever gone on hands down. Seriously, my kids had more fun on that trip than the beach, Disney, etc. And no New Mexico did not pay me for this review. 🙂

    Never been to Las Vegas? That and the Grand Canyon is another must see!


  5. Wow – Just reading everyone’s lists makes me realize I’ve been pretty much no-where!

    Did go to KFC tonight, and plan an outing to get some lab work done at the doctor’s office tomorrow. Those things probably don’t give you ideas on fun things to do, though, do they?

    I give up. I am boring!!!


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