See you later, alligator

Most nights, I finish working and click over to this blog and try to think of something to say. Then I  yawn and rub my eyes and stretch a little.

My days are not all that exciting and my brain is dull from the strain of thinking all day long about work-related issues.

But I am trying, really trying, to write in this blog regularly.

So here goes.

This morning I woke up (after a restless night) at 6:50 a.m.  This was the day my boys flew across the country to visit their buddy.  I was able to wake them fairly easily, proving that even a sluggish teenager can wake up early for something he really wants to do.

I didn’t take into account traffic–I’m not sure why–so I was a little concerned when we ran into some slow-downs while cruising down the freeway.  But we arrived in good time.  I parked the car in a lot and we rode a shuttle to the airport.

Then I did my very best to let them figure out how to check in their luggage without my help.  I ended up directing them a little–old habits are hard to break–and once the bags were checked in, we walked inside the airport.

“Now where?” I said.

“Um, to the right,” he said.

“Okay, look at the sign.  See how it says All Gates?  Those are key words.  So, go left.”

Once they were safely tucked into the security line, my 9-year old and I left them and headed back to the parking lot via shuttle bus.

I’m happy to report that they managed to board the plane, fly safely to Atlanta, find the gate for the connecting flight, board that plane, arrive in Chicago, find their friend and his grandfather and end up at their final destination in one piece.

I’m also happy to report that my kitchen is still clean and the sink is free of its normal 34 dirty glasses.   Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  Those two boys only actually produce an extra dozen dirty glasses or so a day, despite my many attempts to introduce to them the concept of using the same glass all day long.

I’m so happy to be going to sleep now and so happy that I don’t have to get up early to drive anyone to the airport.

And that concludes tonight’s episode of My Blog is Boring.

Thank you and sweet dreams!

5 thoughts on “See you later, alligator

  1. Your blog is NOT boring! I missed getting on-line for a couple days, and you had written all kinds of things. I am super impressed that you can think of regular happenings yet write about them in such a way that it makes for a compelling read. Thank you for sharing. I, for one, totally love your blogs.

    Now enjoy your smaller family for a bit. Perhaps you WILL be able to go to a movie or read a complete book. Just enjoy the peace and quiet while you have it.


  2. Aren’t airlines amazing, how a connecting flight is in Atlanta, almost all the way across the country, when its final destination is Chicago, only halfway. I will never figure that one out.

    So glad to hear the boys made it ok. I did a lot of flying by myself between the time I graduated and when I got married at 20. I LOVED flying solo and being independent!

    Hope you’re sawing logs there…it’s just past 4 your time. My 6 year old grandson spent the nite with me which means sleeping with me as well. He takes up about 2/3 of the bed. Typical male, haha!

    Your mom mentioned ‘blogs’. Any plans to resurrect the other one?

    Have a wonderful weekend and do find some quiet moments to go read. I’m reading “Sing Them Home” and loving it. 🙂


  3. I love your blog too.. and never find it boring. My stepsons have been flying across country since they were pretty young (we have full custody of them and the travel to see their mom.. she is West coast and we are in PA). Of course back then they had an escort.. but now they do it on their own and are seasoned travelers. Years ago I let my 8 year old and almost 5 year old fly from Portland to LA. They also had an escort and it was nonstop.. but I look back now and wonder what was I thinking??

    Our youngest is graduating from highschool this evening.. The beginning of a new era. The boys’ mom is here from Oregon. I am just hoping there won’t be a brawl in the parking lot between mom and dad (yes, it’s that ugly between them). This week has been one day at a time for me. I am happy for Max but will be even happier when the week is over and she goes back home.


  4. your life is far from borning…i love to read the life of othes.
    enjoy the glass free days…they won’t last long ha ha


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