Goodnight, sleep tight.

Yesterday, Grace played as a substitute in an arena soccer game.  I was happy to see familiar faces when some other parents that I knew showed up.  Her old teammates (sisters) were there along with their parents.  I had someone to sit by and make small talk with.  They probably sense my desperation, though.  How could they not?  I am still trying to make friends here, which is pretty tough since I work so much and don’t have time to meet people or get to know them.  (That’s how it feels.)

The weather was lovely.  Sunny but a little breezy.  I wonder if I will ever take this lovely weather for granted?  Every day that I wake up to sunshine and blue skies and seventy degrees feels like another small miracle.

My husband’s birthday was  yesterday, so I spent time cooking his birthday dinner and then we had a nice family dinner.  We gave him books that he’s specifically requested.

Today was church and for some reason, it’s even harder to get out of the house with teenagers than it was when I had babies and toddlers.  They move slower than I ever anticipate and no matter how early I wake them up, we always walk into the church foyer five minutes late.  Would it be dramatic if I said that’s just another reason I feel like a failure as a mother?

The rest of the day was kind of lazy, though I did some laundry and some work in the kitchen and took the dog for a walk.  If she doesn’t get a regular walk, she has too much energy.   I worked tonight, as usual, and it was busy.  I’m just now finishing up at 1:30 a.m.

And even though school is out, the week will be busy again since I still have work and the kids have lacrosse and soccer.

I wish there were more interesting news to report, but it is what it is.

2 thoughts on “Goodnight, sleep tight.

  1. I know our basic natures are quite a bit alike…rather reserved and shy. At least that’s my concept of myself. Dear Hubby tells me I could carry on a conversation with a rock if I didn’t have someone to talk to, but it’s a constant struggle to project that image to the world around me, ha! I guess that’s why I find social situations basically very exhausting. But when we moved here to Michigan 2400 miles from Portland I told myself I’d take the bull by the horns and go introduce myself whenever I saw neighbors outside and I’ve done that and we already feel like a part of the neighborhood. But Midwesterners are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever encountered, as I’m sure you know from having lived here yourself at one time. Even with all that said, I’m still most content on the porch or under the neighbor’s tree-shade in our back yard in an Adirondack chair sipping iced tea, reading a book! 🙂


  2. It’s been almost five years since we moved, and it’s taken me most of that time to feel like I have friends here. My spouse is more community-minded and has a lot of friends in the neighborhood, but I’m more introverted so my friends come from…well, from the internet, honestly (friends whose blogs I read before we moved). And recently some from work. It’s hard to be new, though, and I still feel new– some of my friends have been friends with each other for much longer than they’ve known me, so I find myself kind of insecure about my friendships. It’s like I’m in 2nd grade again. Embarrassing, but true. Anyway, you’re not alone.


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