When you’ve got nothing to say, be straightforward. And boring.

Another busy day here.  But I’m blogging!

Worked until 3 p.m.
Stopped by sporting goods store to buy replacement lacrosse gloves.
Delivered son to lacrosse practice.
Stayed for parent’s meeting.
Went to (free!) dinner at Rubio’s with Grace.
Fulfilled promise and went to Little Cakes cupcake shop with Grace.
Picked up son from lacrosse.
Home by 7 p.m.
Chatted with husband.
Read more Secret Life of Bees.
Worked from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

And that’s a wrap.


2 thoughts on “When you’ve got nothing to say, be straightforward. And boring.

  1. Let’s see…I went to Meijer’s early and bought 3 50-lb bags of river rock, 3 tomato plants, a barberry shrub, and a Japanese Emperor maple tree. Had my grandson Coopy with me most of the day so he helped me work in the yard. And helped Papa dig the hole in the front yard and plant the tree. Then he went next door and helped our 82-year-old neighbor Donna plant flowers. Garbage men came. I’m not so sure about myself, but it was a very exciting day for him! 🙂


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