Taxi Driver

My 9-year old spent the night last night at her friend’s house.

At 7:22 this morning, my phone rang.  Poor Grace had been feverish in the night and instead of waking anyone up, she just stayed in bed and cried.  I hurried right over to pick her up and found her pink-cheeked and complaining of a headache.

At home, I gave her some ibuprofen and we both went back to bed.  And so we skipped church.

At 11:15 this morning, I had to deliver my son to the movie theater to watch a lacrosse-themed movie with his lacrosse team.  (I had wondered how I would manage to go to church and drive him around, so my daughter’s illness solved that problem for me.)  I told my dozing daughter that she could stay home in bed but she decided to ride along with me. She seemed pretty chipper, actually.

The dog needed food.  So, after dropping off Zach, we headed to the pet store, then to Target to get batteries and then to the post office to deliver our ballots.

We returned home, dropped off groceries and went to pick up Zach.

The twins wanted to go to the gym, so at 3:30 I drove them to the  YMCA.  This time Grace stayed home, resting.  The gym closed at 4, so I puttered around at the closest Goodwill until it was time to pick them up.

We were home by 5.

How in the world did a whole day dissolve like that?

Grace is sort of feeling better.  Tomorrow, we’d planned to go to Disneyland for the last time until September.  Our passes are not valid during the busy summertime.  I’m not sure she really is better, but she will pretend so we don’t miss our chance to search all the gift shops for a Thumper stuffed animal, not to mention gliding through the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (her favorite ride!).

I have finished my five hour shift and now I’m heading to bed.

Where in the world did this weekend go?

2 thoughts on “Taxi Driver

  1. I’m with you on this one. I used to have a bumper sticker on the back of my car when my kids were young and I drove them and their friends everywhere: Mom’s Taxi Cab. Indeed.


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