Saturday night barely live

I thought today would be one of those lovely days where I would read and relax and ignore the laundry. My calendar was blank except for the end-of-the-year lacrosse pizza party at 6:30 pm.

And then Grace was called in as a substitute to play soccer.  (A girl broke her wrist and couldn’t play.)

After that, we had a nice leisurely lunch.  We returned home to our dog who was crazed with joy to see us, pick up two teenagers and went to Barnes & Noble for some novels because everyone knows that owning a book is ten times better than borrowing it free from the public library.  Duh.

Of course, books led to ice cream and by the time we returned home there was barely enough time to take the still-crazed dog for a 30-minute walk, take a ten minute nap and order pizza for the end-of-the-season lacrosse pizza party.

Which leads me to the most aggravating part of the day:   The end-of-the-year lacrosse pizza party extravaganza which lasted a full three and a half hours.

And during the coaches’ very lengthy comments about each player, the buzz of dozens of conversations filled the room.  I could barely hear.  I sat with my hand cupped around my ear.  Why can’t people just SHUT UP?  I rolled my eyes so much I’m surprised they didn’t get stuck staring at my eyebrows.

We returned home at 10 pm.  I had an hour of work and BOOM, here I am, at 11:42 pm, wondering what happened to my imagined relaxed Saturday.



One thought on “Saturday night barely live

  1. You hit on one of my biggest irritations, when people carry on conversations during a presentation, movie, speech…etc.. what happened to manners. It’s as if they think they have some “cone of silence” around them and no one else will be able to hear them. Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. 🙂


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