Upcoming events

My husband went to Beijing, China for almost two weeks.  He came home forty-eight hours ago and will be leaving on a jet-plane again early in the morning.

This time, though, he’s just heading to Houston, Texas, for a family event.  (His 81-year old dad is getting married.)

I will be staying home with the kids.  Although I will not be making school lunches (no more pencils! no more books!  no more teacher’s dirty looks!)  but I will be:

  • driving one kid to piano lessons
  • taking another to the end-of-the-season lacrosse pizza extravaganza
  • figuring out how to get everyone to church without missing the Sunday lacrosse movie viewing with teammates
  • going to Disneyland Monday one last time before our annual passes are blocked out for the summer
  • taking daughter to soccer practice
  • attending a baby shower
  • working!

Then my husband will be home again and we will compare notes and try to figure out who is more tired.

I will win.

One thought on “Upcoming events

  1. Amazing how shuttling kids all over the place is so exhausting, isn’t it? I remember those days well. I always carried a book and a Gameboy with me to pass the time, lol! Since I was enjoying myself while I waited…and waited…and waited I never felt like I was wasting time.


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