I vow to keep the cobwebs off this blog. Starting now.

My husband returned late last night from a trip to Beijing, China.  He was gone almost two weeks and while he was gone my sister came for a visit.  (I took her to Disneyland for her first-ever visit.)  And while my sister was visiting, my 14-year old son had a school banquet, final exams, his last lacrosse game and eighth grade promotion.  My daughter had a cold and then she finished up her school-year as well. I have never been so happy to see a school-year end.  No more late-night sandwich-making or early mornings or panicked hurried Science and History lessons.

Now we are belly-flopping right into summer, ready or not.  I am determined to use my vacation time this year.  I tend not to use it all, which is silly.  So this will be the summer of half-days in which I take off half the day and only work my night shift.  You can fit a lot of summer into the twelve hours between 9 am and 9 pm, especially when you live close to the beach and have Legoland passes.  We’re heading to Disneyland for a last hurrah Monday before the summer blockout dates render our passes useless until summer’s end.  I already have a farmer’s tan.

And Friday my husband leaves for a quick trip to see his family in Texas.

It’s weird to think that a year ago I was packing up boxes and preparing for our big move 1,200 miles down I-5 (or as they say here “The 5”).  Here’s directions from our old house to our new house:

Turn left on I-5.
Drive 1,200 miles.
Exit “The 5” at “The 78.”
Exit, turn right, turn left, turn right.

My garage is still a mess.  I never found my stapler which I really needed all year.  But I am not going to buy a new stapler because I feel sure that one day I’ll walk into the garage and spy my stapler sitting prettily on a shelf, just waiting to catch my eye.

Until then, I have a box full of paperclips.


4 thoughts on “I vow to keep the cobwebs off this blog. Starting now.

  1. I still haven’t found my Pendleton coffee mugs. But I KNOW they’re somewhere around here. Do you still have ‘California Moments’, like Dear Hubby and I – and our grown children – have ‘Michigan Moments’…where it’ll suddenly hit us that we live in MICHIGAN!!! Even after 15 months it still seems so surreal sometimes. And sooooooooooooooooooo much change has been crammed into this past year. And lots of wonderful things. And lots of wonderful adventures. Hope yours has been as monumental! 🙂 Oh, and DO keep the cobwebs off here…I’ve missed reading it, tho I do check in every now and then hoping I’ll find something NEW!!! 🙂


  2. Like Kris, I, too, check in “every now and then hoping I’ll find something NEW!!!”

    It has also been one year since I moved – and no, I still haven’t found some things. I had taken dozens of bags and/or boxes to thrift stores and to the recycling bins, but alas – still have things I need to go through. It’s slow going, though, when some days all I can manage to do is walk from one room to another.

    From what I heard at the surgeon’s office this week, I will be getting a hip replacement early in August, so I look forward to getting some mobility back.

    In the meantime, I’ll be here – reading and enjoying your adventures. Thanks for sharing.


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