Beautiful Day

After church, lunch and a nap, my daughter and I headed to the beach by way of a thrift store.

I was thrilled to find two Mikasa French Countryside bowls–a serving bowl and a soup bowl–for $1.95 each.  That’s the pattern I picked out when I was getting married and I never, ever, ever find pieces at garage sales or thrift stores.  Until today.

After buying our treasures, we headed directly to the Oceanside pier . . . where we found a lot of other people with the same idea.  I was actually shocked at how many people were on the beach since the last time we were at that particular beach in December, it was nearly deserted.

We walked along the shore, letting the waves lap at our toes.  Grace threw rocks in the waves while I took photos of the sun sinking lower and lower.

It was a beautiful day.







































Oceanside Pier

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