On the verge

Very rarely these days do I have any coherent thoughts.  Mostly, my mind is full of disjointed words, barely strung together with the thinnest of threads.  And then, just as I pause and examine a thought more closely, my chatterbox daughter speaks up.  Again.

She is bursting with questions and ideas and observations and she rarely stops talking.  This has become more of an issue for me since she’s started doing school at home this year.

My brain is parched from the lack of silence and sleep.

I really fear I will never have a worthwhile thought or idea again which does not bode well for either my mental health or this blog.

In other news, I found my missing lipgloss today which was in a purse I haven’t used in awhile.  I looked in that purse at least six times . . . or maybe I only meant to.  This is the state of my brain these days.

It would make me sad if I were capable of emotion but I am simply too tired.  I blame the puppy.

Don’t be fooled by this display.  She only does this under my desk while I’m working or so it seems.






One thought on “On the verge

  1. Dear Hubby and I have found the same thing happening to us, tho we’re several more months ‘into the game’ than you are. You’re somewhat younger than us, too. But uprooting our entire lives and moving 2/3 of the way across the country has had a pretty profound impact not only on our lives but on our heads, too. We both experienced the most vivid and ‘busy’ dreams for the first several months. We’d wake up feeling like we’d fought WWIII all by ourselves and exhausted. Especially for him, having to start a new job after 32 years at the same place doing the same thing every day, our minds are just so BUSY taking in all the changes and adjustments. But as the months have gone by and we’ve settled more into our lives, the dreams and the lack of coherent thoughts or focus is gradually easing. “Here” truly is home. And this has given us, at close to 60, a whole new lease on life. It truly has been our midlife adventure of a lifetime.


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