Why this space should be blank

Did I mention that I am not sleeping enough?

I want to have something worth recording in this space but here’s what my day yesterday looked like:

Wake up, reluctantly after a puppy-interrupted night of sleep.
Work for an hour or two.
“Do” school with my 9-year old.
Work from 1-5 pm.
Cook dinner.
Curl hair and put on makeup.
Tea with a small group of new friends.
Home, eight minutes late, for 9 pm shift.
Work until midnight . . .
Chat with son who is passionate about politics until 2 am.
Up with puppy at 3 am.
Back to bed.
Up with puppy for her breakfast at 5:43 am.
Nap on couch off and on until 7:30 am.
Wake daughter for school.Ā  (Only goes to class Wednesday mornings.)
Deliver daughter to school.
Back to work by 8:45 am.
Finish work (for now) and write this post.


Take shower, pick up daughter, get back to work . . . blah blah blah.

And that, my friends, is why I have nothing to say.

4 thoughts on “Why this space should be blank

  1. So glad you are writing here again, even if you “have nothing to say,” which is certainly never the case, from my point of view as a reader. I’ve missed you! I, on the contrary, am not writing much on my blog. Such is life, I guess. Other things are in the way, which is ok, though I would like to get back to it. Again.


  2. “The blog has to fit around life, not the other way round”. That is a quote of the advice given to another blogging friend whose busyness of Life is affecting her posting, too. As I said in a recent blog entry, Life doesn’t tread water. I know my blog has morphed a hundred times. We do what we need to do and write when we can. End of story.


  3. Thank you for the minute by minute description of your day. It helps to have a reminder what others’ lives are like – when mine is so mundane these days. I hate being sick – I’m getting cabin fever!

    Cold be gone!


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