“Ack!” And also “Help!”

So, I’m moving two weeks from Friday.

My calendar this week is dotted with appointments:  sports physical and haircut for one kid, dentist for another, a trip to see my sister, an eye appointment for another kid, a birthday party invitation . . . I have to take my (stupid) three cats to the veterinarian to get rabies shots and health certificates so they can fly to California next week.  I have to wash and turn in the lacrosse equipment.

And, of course, I have to pack.

I’ve done quite a bit of packing already but now I need to get busy and start packing all the stuff it seemed too early to pack before.  Hello, Board Games, I’m talking to you.  I’m also admitting that I’m not going to get my photographs any more organized than they are . . . so I may as well pack them.  I did have to slice open a couple of boxes to find some beach towels for yesterday’s final visit to Wild Waves.

I’m spinning in the Let’s Procrastinate stage of packing.  That’s why my recipe box is organized for the first time in at least fifteen years.  (Who even has a recipe box these days?)  I intend to graduate to the Let’s Panic stage of packing in mere moments.

Meanwhile, piles of papers have mysteriously appeared on my desk much like crop circles in wheat fields.

This can’t be good.

7 thoughts on ““Ack!” And also “Help!”

  1. I have a recipe box!

    Good luck, Mel! We moved three years ago and I remember all the last minute frenzy. It was just across town, I can’t imagine going to another state like you are. Just breathe:)


  2. Me too! I have a recipe box. Three, actually. Maybe we should start a Yahoo group or something….

    Hang in there! It will all get done. I promise. And the stuff that doesn’t get done doesn’t really need to be done anyway. Like the hair cut for example. I’m sure they have barbers in So Cal. Pare it all down to only the essentials. We’ve made four international moves and countless local moves (no, we’re not on the lam! haha!) and I’ve decided that moving is officially 100% something I never want to have to do again, so I totally get you. (But I’m sure we will cuz that’s the life of a pastor’s wife! …At least that’s the life of THIS pastor’s wife!)

    Anyway, you are a hero in my book, seriously.


  3. Just reading this makes me tired.
    You shall be MUCH in my prayers, Mel.
    As long as the four kids come with you, I’d suspect that you’ve got everything you need.


  4. I’m with you Mel. My family and I are moving from Paris back to Chicago in 2 weeks (movers are here the week of June 20), but unlike you I only found out a few weeks ago so it is a fast whirlwind! School gets out the 17th, so I will have just a weekend to do so many things!
    Good Luck!


  5. Recipe boxes? I have 4 of them.

    Do I cook, or bake, or even look at the recipes?

    Nope. But I have recipes, and I even know where they are!


  6. pack it all. Use paper plates. Give everyone a travel bag and wash those clothes several times because the rest are in boxes.

    You are coming soon! I for one am excited and shall do what I can to make sure you are fed at least one or two nights once you get here to help out.


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