Since I was last here

My life is one long “to-do” list which I am trying to cram into the spaces between my job and sleep.

Here are a few things I’ve done since I last wrote about the peaceful lives of monks:

1)  Moved entire contents of storage unit back into my living room.  Assisted by my three teenagers, plus three other teenage boys.

2)  Left at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning for a lacrosse game.

3)  Had two different moving companies assess the weight of my household goods and give me an estimate for moving us.

4)  Had refrigerator repaired.  Is it weird that I already owned the two replacement gaskets the repairman needed?

5)  Drove two hours for the final lacrosse game in Port Angeles.

6)  After the game, took my two youngest kids on the Port Angeles ferry to Victoria, British Columbia, and spent almost 24 hours there visiting my (ex)stepmom.

NOTE:  Crossing the border is tricky!  I have an enhanced license to allow me to cross the border both ways.  However, according to one very stern official, I should have had a signed document from my husband giving me permission to take the children to Canada.  Who knew?

ALSO:  We happened to ride the ferry along with hundreds of middle school and high school band students who were traveling to Victoria to march in the Victoria Day parade.  Great, except for the incredible noise level.  Furthermore, every student appeared to drop his or her backpack in a seat and then abandoned said backpack to wander the ship, leaving people like me with NO SEAT.  It’s a ninety minute crossing, so this was rather unpleasant.  I did finally find a seat, but only one and hello?  I had two kids with me.

7)  In Victoria the kids swam until 10 p.m. in the condo pool.  We went on a horse-drawn carriage tour.  We sped through the Royal BC Museum, which was awesome, except for the fact that we had to speed through it.  Victoria is a really beautiful city.

8)  Rode ferry back to Port Angeles, then drove over two hours home.  Arrived forty-five minutes before my work shift.

9) Went to dentist for cleaning.

10)  Had hair highlighted and cut.

11)  Took daughter to dentist at 8 a.m.  Took son to dentist at 11:30 a.m.

12)  Got estimate from house-cleaner.

And tomorrow?  I’m getting a routine mammogram.

We move four weeks from Friday.

4 thoughts on “Since I was last here

  1. The countdown has begun! (I know it actually began a long time ago.) Seems like the velocity increases until you are past (what you think is)your breaking point and then suddenly it’s all over! Hooray for over! Hang in there. It’s all good! Thinking of you! And actually a teeny bit jealous. I love the stability of being somewhere for a long time but part of me loves the adventure of the move too. I think that’s weird but I do not think it’s weird that you have the gaskets.


  2. oh you poor women…you really need some TLC and praying for God to provide you with it soon.
    Moving is such a drag…who would really like to move?


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