I want to sleep but wrote this instead

I don’t know any of these people, but this photo is from 1963 and how about that car?

* * *

Oh dear.  I can’t tell you when I was here last but I can tell you that yesterday I knocked over a gigantic glass of water on my desk while I was busily scanning slides from the 1970s.  In a miracle of epic proportions, the water cascaded under my keyboard and flowed onto the floor, completely missing all the slides and other papers stacked on my desk.

Last week was Spring Break.  Also, I ran out of Diet Coke, so those two things collided in one massive headache which lasted until I got more caffeine and sleep.  But not in that order.

Then over the weekend, my 13-year old son flew to California to take some placement tests for his new school.  It was odd having only three children at home.  My daughter and I spent practically every moment of the weekend together.  On Saturday we had our now-weekly lunch at Red Robin, then went shopping the clearance racks at Old Navy.  We finished up our afternoon with some shopping at Costco.

The teenagers invited a friend to sleep over on Saturday.  So at 8 a.m. on Sunday, I was shocked to hear the shower start–the boys were up early?  Even after a sleep over?

Yeah.  No.  That was their guest taking a quick shower after staying up all night.  His mom came by to pick him up.  My son came to my room to apologize for failing to sleep and catch up on his school work during Spring Break and suggested that he and his brother really needed to stay home from church.  So he could work on school work.  (Right.)

Fine.  In a couple of months, church-skipping will not be an option for any of us.

So Grace and I drove the hour to church.  We found a parking spot directly in front of the church building.  Usually we have to walk four or five blocks.

After church, I asked her if she’d like to go to the Woodland Park Zoo, and so we did.

The last time we went, all the boys were with us and the two oldest kids are not fans of the zoo.  In fact, they have never been fans of the zoo because the zoo involves walking and the outdoors.  Oh, the horrors.

So, it was lovely to be at the zoo with only Grace.  She ran from exhibit to exhibit and we saw pretty much every animal in the zoo, including strolling peacocks and squirrels and random ducks.  Just as we finished shopping at the gift shop–because shopping is what Grace loves most–the rain began but until then, it had been an almost-warm, perfect spring day.

Yesterday, I scanned more old slides.  While I was helping my mom pack up her apartment–she’s moving to a new place–I came across these old slides.  I offered to scan them, which is a win-win for me because we get the slides into photograph form and I end up with some of the old photographs myself.

Now the week is under way.  My 13-year old is back home.  My teenagers are (supposedly) back to their school work.  Grace is back at school.   My husband’s coming home on Thursday for a quick visit to celebrate the teenager’s 18th birthday.

And so now you know why I haven’t written anything worthwhile here.

3 thoughts on “I want to sleep but wrote this instead

  1. Nope. I disagree. Everything you write is worthwhile because it’s so real. I love it. It’s super encouraging and gives me a sense of camaraderie to read about your regular days, and knowing that I’m not the only one who spills a whole cup of water on my desk or runs out of (in my case) coffee. Keep up the good work, girlfriend!


  2. No WAY! There’s no way in the world I’ve been coming around this long! I don’t even think they were teenagers and they’re going to be 18?! I am gobsmacked by that info, Mel…totally gobsmacked, lol!


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