Life unmoored

It’s a strange thing to wake up every morning and do ordinary things when life has become unmoored.

My husband has been living in another state for almost two months now.  We saw him a week and a half ago and we’ll see him again very soon, but it’s still utterly strange.  I’ve lived with him longer than anyone else in the world and it’s odd to be apart.  (I miss him, even though it’s so easy to make the bed in the mornings without him untucking and flinging the covers everywhere while sleeping.)

The next time I put up a Christmas tree, it will be in a different house in a different state. I’m now marking time by packing away things we won’t need again until next time this year.  Yet, this certainty is draped with uncertainty because we have no idea where exactly we’ll be living.

In the meantime, it’s like we’re still here but not really . . . and yet, we haven’t gone anywhere at all.

We are living in the space between our past and our future.

If you really think about it, though, we are all living in that in between space.  We just don’t recognize it in the clutter and noise of daily life.  So I suppose I should be grateful for this awareness.

As I drove down the rainy street today, I thought about how much I will miss the Douglas firs and the emerald green of our wet climate.

I’m trying to live in the moment.  I really am.  It’s just that I find the moment so fleeting and elusive.

And I hate not knowing exactly what my future looks like.  I guess I’ll know soon enough.

For now, though, I am going to try to be here, heart and soul, in the moment.

8 thoughts on “Life unmoored

  1. I am currently in the same situation, staying behind in Birmingham, AL while my husband started a job on Nov 1 in Springfield, MO. I completely understand what you are saying about the uncertainty. I’m not sure where I’ll be working, where we’ll be living, the timing of any of it, etc, etc.

    But for me, it just underscores the fact that even when we think things are settled and certain, they are not. We really have very little control and things can change in an instant. So I appreciate your comments on trying our best to live in the moment. Good luck to you in the transition.


  2. Okay. Now you’ve got me humming “Heart and Soul”.

    I seriously wish you could leap over the next few months and land softly in a new place.

    But, since you can’t, just hang on for the ride of your life.


  3. I usually sleep by myself these days, but when I wake up it the morning, the bed covers look like I’ve been fighting with Beelzebub all night.

    Moving is hard, so be kind to yourself.


  4. Hi Mel! I had to track you down to see how life is treating you.

    Sorry things are so much up in the air now, but I love how you are trying to live today and not think too much about where you’ll be.




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