Thanksgiving past

So, yesterday I cooked the whole Thanksgiving dinner.  I used to think it was a semi-big deal to cook Thanksgiving dinner, but now I know how to make gravy from scratch and mash potatoes without asking the nearest woman for instructions.

I made pies the night before (pumpkin, pecan and peanut butter chocolate).  I even made the pie crust from scratch.  Be very impressed.  (Not really.)

My mom came over and we six sat at the table and before I knew it, the youngest boy ate and fled to his video games and eventually, my mom and I and my daughter sat at the cleared-off table and looked through the Black Friday ads.  Grace circled things she really, really, really wanted from Kmart.  I never, ever shop at Kmart, though.  I hate Kmart.

I had to work today but between shifts Grace and I dragged out the Christmas decorations, unpacked the pre-lit tree and like magic, the tree was up.  I love that tree.

I ran out of energy before every decoration was put in its place but we made good progress.  I’m glad because that means tomorrow it will be a fairly easy task.

The snow melted . . . hooray.  I never thought I’d be so happy to see forty degree temperatures and rain.

And now, the weekend begins.  Hooray.

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving past

  1. What do Americans cook at Christmas? We do turkey, but surely you don’t do two within a month. I’ve often wondered. Since our TG is before mid-October, we don’t mind doing it again.


  2. Ug. I was glad to see the hind end of this thanksgiving. We are moving and spending an entire day cooking is just not getting stuff done. There is so freaking much to do. Now if we could just cancel Christmas…


  3. I agree – 40 degrees and green grass was a treat to wake up to. Also a treat to wake up to? Pumpkin pie and turkey. Yum.

    Thank you. You are awesome – you do it all – and you do it well!


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