Why? How old do I look?

Several times recently, I’ve seen someone on television who is about my age and they look old.  (And by ‘someone’, I mean a real person, like that lady on the Dr. Oz show . . . not a fake person like Teri Hatcher or any of those “Housewives” with botox foreheads.)

And I think I’ve lost touch with reality because I don’t think I look old like those people I’ve seen who are my age.  But I probably do.

Awhile back, I was fretting while putting on makeup, worrying about the under-eye circles that have plagued me since I was a teenager.  What would people think when they met me?  Then I realized that people would not expect me to be twenty, considering I’ve been married for twenty-three years to a man who is almost fifty . . . and he has gray hair.  So, it’s okay to have saggy eyelids, I guess, considering I’m married to a guy with male pattern baldness.  (And I think he’s adorable.) It’s okay to look forty-five.

It’s still strange.

I’m kind of looking forward to being really old and wrinkled.  I think there will be so much less pressure to look cute then.  Of course, then I will wonder why I didn’t totally relish having the face of a forty-five year old.

Pass the eye cream.

5 thoughts on “Why? How old do I look?

  1. Mel, this made me laugh because I had an incident recently that brought aging into perspective. A few weeks ago I went in to the narthex of my church, something I rarely do, and a lovely woman I’ve known for years but hadn’t spoken to in ages came up to me and said, “I just LOVE your silver hair! It’s absolutely beautiful. And I love it when you younger women let it go natural like that!” I started to laugh and I said, “But, Dorothy, I’m not young! I’ll be pushing 60 in just a few years.” She smiled and patted me on the arm. “Honey, when you get to be as old as I am, you ARE young!” SHE is pushing 90!


  2. I’m so thankful that my parents have always looked so young!~ It gives me hope 😉

    I think the more we worry about gray hair & wrinkles & balding~ the older & more gray & wrinkled we look… I’ve decided to embrace my 3 gray hairs & my laugh lines! 🙂

    I also think bald is beautiful!… & looks WAY better than a comb over!


  3. It’s also not fun working for someone who’s a couple years older but who looks a decade younger. Probably would help if I worked out and tanned like he does, though…


  4. They had my 25th high school class reunion recently and although I didn’t attend I got to see pictures and kept asking “do I look as old as these people?”


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