I don’t miss that at all

For three days, an enormous heap of Legos has been scattered on the family room floor.

This is a sure sign that I’m past the toddler/preschooler stage of motherhood.  The Legos can stay there because no one will pop one into his or her mouth.  (And also, I am just too busy to retrieve the Lego box from my daughter’s room where she is probably using it as a doll crib for a very small doll.)

I can’t say that I miss the worries that someone might ingest a penny or eat a stray marble at any moment.  I also don’t miss the early wake-up calls or shampooing an unwilling child’s hair.  I’m glad I don’t have to wipe anyone’s . . .  nose.

What don’t you miss?

6 thoughts on “I don’t miss that at all

  1. I don’t miss the days of having to decide whether or not someone feels bad enough for me to call a sub for teaching, and I don’t miss having to wake up SLEEPING someones to take them to ‘daycare’ so I could teach.

    Don’t miss tantrums, either!



  2. i dont miss breaking up fights
    i dont miss hearing i dont like that…do i have to eat it
    i dont miss hearing your so mean to me
    i dont miss why do i have to do it
    i dont miss why cant i do

    but i do miss the daily fun of watching the craziness of their ever changing life!


  3. I do not miss not being able to pick and go somewhere for the afternoon/day/weekend/however long at a moment’s notice. Not that I get to do that very often now, but I like that I’m able to if the opportunity arises. This is why I do not, and never will, have a dog. The cat holds the fort when we’re gone. She enjoys it, actually. I imagine her having wild parties with all the neighborhood riff raff when we’re out of town, but in actuality I think the extent of her partying is sleeping in places she’s not normally allowed. Like my bed. Anyway. I do not miss being tied to my house 24/7.

    I also do not miss having to carry a bag the size of Texas every where I go.


  4. Well mine are still that age (2 and 5) but there are some baby things I don’t miss. I don’t miss having a little one who wakes every 2 hours, I don’t miss nursing a little one and I don’t miss 87 pooppy diapers a day! 🙂 I do miss my kids being little and sweet and snuggly though; they are definitely starting to become less dependant on me.


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