Like an avalanche, only without snow

Back in January, the ground began to shift beneath our feet.  I was shocked.  I thought our world was unshakable.

My husband loved his job, the kids were doing great and I had no real complaints.

But our lives began to shake, imperceptibly at first, then undeniably.

My husband applied for a new job.

A new job?  A new job.

At first, it was almost a lark.  We weren’t sure he’d make it past the first round.  When he did, we took another step forward.  And we repeated that process month after month.  Each time we were half-shocked, half-unsurprised that he was one step closer to getting the job.

We talked endlessly about the pros and cons and about the reasons we should go and the reasons we should stay.

Meanwhile, he answered questions.  He sent in audio recordings of himself.  He send in DVDs of himself preaching.  He had a video-conference.  He flew to meet the search committee one weekend, then flew another weekend to meet another group of people.  He provided more information about himself than we even knew we had.  The committee checked his background and called fourteen references.

I fully expected them to slide him into an MRI machine to check out his insides.

Months passed.

I admit that I worried a lot.  My biggest concern was how my children would adjust to a potential move to another state.  We’ve lived in this house for twelve years.  My daughter was born in the master bedroom.  My 12-year old son came here as a seven-month old baby.  My twins were kindergartners when we moved in.

We love it here.

We know many people who come and go since we live near a military base, but we never, ever, ever expected to be the ones who would be packing up and moving away.  We never wanted to be those people.

When I lamented about how my children would handle a move, my friend, Lisa, pointed out that if God had a plan for my husband in another state, God also had a plan for my children.  They wouldn’t just be dragged along into a hostile environment, but rather, they’d be walking through a door opened by their Creator.

Another weird thing happened.  My friend, Cindie, and her husband decided that they’d really like to relocate from this area to another state.  So, in January, they picked up their empty nest and moved.  They moved to the exact same area we were considering.

Maybe, I thought, God really was opening this door.

I flew to California with my daughter a week and a half ago to meet some of the people and to see the area.  (We loved it.)

Then, before we flew home, the church in California voted to call my husband as its next Senior Pastor.

We are excited about this new adventure.  And by excited I mean half-freaked-out, half-giddy with anticipation and half-way-too-tired to do all the work necessary to pack up this life and move it fifteen hundred miles down I-5.  Wait, that’s too many halves.

Well.  It is too many halves.

It’s too much of everything, really.

And I mean that in a good way.  Mostly.  (Have you seen my storage room?)

* * *

Because you will ask, I will tell you that my husband will be starting his new job in California in October.  The children and I will stay here until school is out in June.  Also?  Want to buy a house?

10 thoughts on “Like an avalanche, only without snow

  1. Very excited for you! We lived in CA for several years in the 90’s and loved it. Being an expat family we have moved many times (4 in the last 9 years) and our 3 children have always done fine (not without complaining mind you, but have always made friends and done well in school). Our oldest in now in the US at college and we are still in Europe.
    Curious why you decided to not move until next summer? Our best moves have been the ones where we told about the move and within a couple months were gone. The hardest move was the one we knew about 6 months in advance – spent the 6 months not really living in either place. A whole school year will seem like forever. Also not so much fun to be a separated family.
    Good luck with everything!


  2. Lucky you! Out of the rain and gloom into sunshine. I hope all goes well, the separation time goes quickly, and the adjustment is quick and happy. How I long to move to California — maybe I should pray for an avalanche of my own 🙂


  3. Wow – wonderful news! And one of the good things is you can take your job right along with you! And better yet, this blog – so for me it will not even seem like you moved! Congratulations to you and your family for this new life adventure!


  4. You are most definitely in for an adventure, although I wish you didn’t have to be split up for so long. When we moved to our current spot (FROM WHICH WE ARE NEVER, EVER LEAVING!!!), my husband stayed behind at the old house for an entire semester to start getting it ready to sell and so he wouldn’t have 50 miles to drive to school (a bit of irony – he now drives 60 to his school and drove 70 for four years before that!). As we were just an hour away, he’d come here on the weekends and leave early Monday morning for the week. Wasn’t easy or much fun.

    Sending big mountainbilly beams of good thoughts and prayers that things will fall into place just as they should 🙂



  5. Heeding the call is rarely an easy thing, but it is always the best thing ultimately. I pray that you and your family thrive in your new place and enjoy everything it has to offer. And I pray that your time holding down the fort there goes quickly and smoothly.


  6. Aw, man, see what happens when I go on vacation and can’t read my blogs? Very happy for you guys, it sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck in a swift house sale. (but not *too* swift, I understand!)


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