End of summer lament

Tomorrow is the last day before school starts.  As always, I am shocked at how fast summer slid past us.  Did we swim enough?  Did we soak up enough sun to last us through a gloomy winter?  Did we sleep in enough?  (My teenagers most definitely did.)

I took my 7-year old to the school for Open House.  We met her teacher.  She chose her desk (middle-center).  We stopped by the Book Fair and bought some books.  (Every book she picks out features a dog on the cover.)  And then we came home.

She’s not excited about school.  My seventh grader dreads school.  The teenagers have already started their online school with great reluctance.

But I’m excited about school because this means I can go to the grocery store by myself.

The wind blew away any traces of summer today.  Rain fell.  The scent of fall–or maybe it was just the scent of rain on our dry lawn–filled the air.

Good-bye, summer!  We hardly knew you!

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