What a weekend it was.

This morning I could see the Pacific Ocean and palm trees and by tonight I was descending beneath the Seattle clouds and then later, cleaning out kitty litter boxes.

There’s nothing like air travel to discombobulate a person.

Except, of course, the idea of picking up an entire household and transplanting it.

If I weren’t so exhausted, I’d explain.

10 thoughts on “Dizzying

  1. Moving? I have a good friend moving to Seattle in a few weeks. If they can find an affordable house, I think they’ll love it. I’m a little concerned about the weather, though.


  2. I’m with ya. I’ve moved our entire household numerous times. The last 3 of those were international…with a cat! It’s always worth it, though, in the long run. The short run, however…well. Just take it all one day at a time. The negative anticipation of this stuff is always worse than the actual event!


  3. School is starting this week. Good thing – perhaps the boys need refresher courses in reading (your note to them DID say to clean out the litter boxes, right?)

    Oh well – you were missed here, and we welcome you back. Now on to the future…………..


  4. Hi Melodee,
    We met yesterday and I said I read your blog:) I can only imagine the whirlwind life is like right now. Its is cool to think that instead of everything landing in a big mess like a storm, that God is going to place it all just where He wants it:)-more Wizard of Oz and less Twister. Just try not to ponder the next few months when it is all in the air- trust He’s got it in his hands.
    Hope you’re getting some rest!


  5. So, sounds like you might be moving. If that’s the case we MUST get together with Shelly. You leaving the state will place a few more challenges in our reunions 🙂 Let me know your time frame (or if I’m totally off base).


  6. I can relate. At least you were traveling within the same time zone, so the discombobulating should have been minimal. 😉 What a way to end a trip though, with kitty litter boxes.


  7. You’re moving?! To California, right? Because my life would be complete if you lived within an hour of me, and we could be real life friends.

    Wait, that sounded kinda stalker-ish, and I’m not that way. I just think we’d be fast friends, given the chance. 🙂

    ANYWAY, praying you through, sistah. I know you’ll rock it, whatever the situation.


  8. Palm trees are definitely not the same as cedar or pine. And there aren’t ginormous slugs in California. It’s a bit drier, though. Hope things settle down for you soon!


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