Summer slipping away

I have arranged my work schedule so I have Mondays off.  Well, mostly off.  I work at 9 p.m. until midnight.

During the summer, I try really hard to do something fun with my kids on Monday.  Since we have season’s passes to the local waterpark, that often means I drag myself out of bed (after finishing my Sunday night shift at 1 a.m.) and head to Wild Waves.

That’s what we did today.  The weatherman said the temperature would reach over ninety degrees (we’re having a little heat-wave here in Washington).  Perfect day, right?

We arrived at 10:30 a.m. and though the park had only been open for thirty minutes, every single lounge-chair was in use.  I usually spread towels out on a couple of chairs so we have a home-base, but that was impossible today.  A million people and their children and neighbors were all at Wild Waves today.  Were you there?  Because I think the entire population of earth was at Wild Waves.

We stayed for two hours and then headed home.  Even the kids were ready to go because it’s no fun to be at a waterpark when there are long lines everywhere.

Who wants to be outside in a heat-wave, anyway, when you can be home in the air conditioning?

I had a hair appointment this afternoon, but both football practice and soccer practice were canceled.  That’s good because  I was exhausted.  After a quick trip to the grocery store, I took a nap.

Then I worked and now here I am, about to sleep.  (I. Am. Boring.)

And tomorrow is a Sleep In Day.  I have declared it and thus, it shall be.

2 thoughts on “Summer slipping away

  1. Yup, I actually talked my daughter *out* of WW yesterday because I knew how crowded it’d be.
    We’ll be there Wednesday, with the son of a friend from Utah in tow. I’m sure he’ll freeze by then. 😉


  2. My version of going to Wild Waves to cool off and have fun is to go to the ocean. So, Monday found me there.

    It also found heavy fog, thus limiting the sight of the water to almost nil.

    Also? very strong wind, and a cool, cool temperature of 58 degrees. I about froze in my shorts and tank top. The car’s air conditioning quickly changed places with the heater, cranked as high as it could go.

    I still felt chilled at bedtime, so today, for me, is a pleasant-stay-at-home-in-pjs-day. Ya gotta love this weather.


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