Shoo shoes, don’t bother me

The last thing I want to do is be taller.  This desire to avoid tallness causes me to recoil in horror from the shoes currently in fashion.

Because, seriously.

They are cute but I don’t want to be six feet fall.  Ever.

And I cannot–I will not–tolerate suffering for beauty.  I don’t want my feet to hurt.  Perhaps this is a sign of old age.  I have almost certainly turned into a fuddy-duddy, but I don’t want to hobble around with aching feet.

I have yet to reach that age when I wear only white athletic shoes, however.

I just want to wear my Chuck Taylors.

Now, that’s a shoe.

I do apologize to young whippersnappers for lowering the cool quotient of said shoes.  When junior high kids see a woman my age wearing the same style of shoes, they must question their judgment.

Then again, what am I saying?  I am utterly invisible to junior high kids.

3 thoughts on “Shoo shoes, don’t bother me

  1. I am all about my Chuck Taylors – and if questioned, I let the young whippersnappers know that I’ve been wearing Chucks since before they were born! Then I holler at them to get off my lawn. (those shoes are really cute though)


  2. Love the new look! Love the shoes too! I wonder if I could get away with the red ones, considering that I’m on the dark side of 40…haha! Is it just me or are our fashion options more and more limited these days?


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