Comments bring great joy to a blogger

Here’s how it works.

I write a post.

A few kind souls leave comments.

Those comments appear in my email box where I read them and then fail to respond to them, but NEVER delete them, just in case one day I”ll find time to email a note back.  Occasionally, I answer my comments.

But for the past few days, no comments appeared in my email box.  I puzzled over this, but didn’t have a chance to investigate. But it was sad.

Then late tonight, comments from the last three posts appeared in my box.  Some needed moderation.  (I have no idea why.)  Cyberspace must have held my comments in limbo.  Weird.

The belated appearance of those comments made me SO HAPPY.  So, thank you, kind commenters and hearty band of readers.  I really appreciate it.

In other news, today I did not grate off my thumb at the knuckle.  (I did that yesterday.  Almost.)

You are lucky that I am utterly unable to post photos on this blog because otherwise, I’d be tempted to post a picture of my grated thumb knuckle and my very bruised purple and blue foot.  (I fell the other day in my boys’ room.  I hope I tripped.  Otherwise, such a tumble is inexplicable.  I thought I broke my foot–that’s how much it hurt.)

And now, happy Wednesday!

Time to share:  What’s the worst injury you’ve ever accidentally inflicted upon yourself?

15 thoughts on “Comments bring great joy to a blogger

  1. Ouch– hope it heals quickly. My greatest injury was very recent (in fact, I’m still recovering…) I slipped down the porch steps (they were wet)and banged my tailbone. Yuck.


  2. Tripped in my bedroom in the dark and jammed my middle finger. I think I gave it a hairline fracture or something, it hurt for about two months straight. Heck, it still twinges from time to time a year later.
    And congrats on not grating your finger again. 🙂


  3. HUM….there have been so many! I guess the worse one was when we were moving our office…first time I had ever drove a u-haul truck…..I was very proud…I managed to get to the office without incident…until I forgot I was in a u-haul and fell out of the truck…… broken toes and a huge cut and scrapes…..needless to say the boys thought it was very funny! Me not so much.


  4. I cut the top of my first finger a third of the way through while cutting morning bagels for the kids(really hard bagel, large serrated knife). The ER doctor said he saw it a lot in New York. I felt really stupid and still feel a little fear around bread and a knife(it was over a year ago) Be careful, and do have a happy Wednesday! I will be trying to do just that.


  5. On a vacation to California, I tripped walking out of our hotel room, fell against the sharp corner of a counter and cracked some ribs. I was in so much pain, but had the presence of my to sit up, because I couldn’t talk and I didn’t want my husband to come in the room, thinking I had a heart attack. I was gasping for breath. Not only did I have to drive back across country with cracked ribs, but we missed seeing Legoland because of it. But, my kids never remind me of it. Oh, no. Not ever. (insert sarcasm here).


  6. I dropped a cutting board, edge down, on one of my middle toes, in my sister’s apartment kitchen on New Year’s Day 18-20 years ago. Ouch. The toe was broken, but the dr said it would heal without a cast.


  7. I was mad at my ex husband, broke a glass in the dishwasher, threw the glass in a plastic bag, stupid me…picked up the bag…cut my leg, had to have stitches….dumb…real dumb


  8. There are so many to choose from! I think the worst was when I was visiting my bff in TX a few summers ago, and went down two doors to her dad’s place to say “hi.” It had rained quite a bit in the days preceding said visit. I was wearing flip flops. Mud and flip flops do not mix, FYI.

    So, as I was saying goodbye, I stepped off Dad’s porch onto some mud, and my right foot slid, while my left was still on the porch, about 10 inches higher. I went down in a heap, and felt my left knee POP. My friend heard it, as well. I blew out my MCL, which is the ligament that runs down the side of the knee. It hurt so bad, I couldn’t talk for a few minutes. Fortunately, I could walk on it, but negotiating DFW and then LAX a few days later was not fun. It was very, very wobbly.

    I didn’t have to have surgery, but my visit to TX was a bit less active after that. 😦


  9. I was running down my stairs to grab the ringing phone…had socks on, fell right on my left butt cheek. My entire rear tuned black and blue for weeks. It’s now 5 years later and sadly my left cheek was left with a big (lump?) (bump?) whatever right in the middle I’M DEFORMED lol!


  10. What fun! Not sure if it counts as “worst” but the most interesting is when I was volunteering at the science museum here. I was demonstrating a heavy gyroscope to some curious museum-goers, and then dropped it – and tried to catch it. It pretty much crushed my middle finger. No blood, so I calmly went on with my spiel until they were out of sight… then I grimaced my way over to first aid to get ice put on it. Never did get it looked at, but three years later it still hurts from time to time.


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