I’ve been blogging almost six years.

I started blogging on October 11, 2003.  Here’s the post.  I had about twelve readers, online friends I knew from a pregnancy message board.  I remember the first comment I got from a stranger.  I was freaked out and a little outraged that a stranger would leave me a comment.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I didn’t even really understand what a blog was, nor did I know that so many blogs existed.

I used to write with wild abandon since no one in my real world knew about my blog other than my husband.  I described my days (often full of snot and cabin fever) and my feelings and my opinions about whatever.  I obsessively checked my statistics to see how many visitors I had, where they came from, how long they stayed.  I clicked on other blogs, built my blogroll, left comments wherever I went.  I was a Blogger.  I blogged pretty much every day.

Being a plain old blogger led me to being a paid blogger and my stint at Clubmom.com.  That job led me to unveil my secret blogging life to some people in my real world.  And suddenly, I felt like I was writing on an overhead projector.  My blog became less private, less of a haven.

Now, six years later, my online world has become very public.  My Twitter leads to my Facebook which links to my blog.  My children are my Facebook friends.  My mother reads my blogs.  Other Facebook friends (college buddies, childhood acquaintances, the neighbor down the street, etc.) have access to every blog entry.  People from church–both old and new–can stop by and read my blog whenever fancy strikes.  The category of things I no longer talk about has grown exponentially leaving me to wonder what, exactly, I can possibly talk about.  (Things Not To Talk About:  Teenagers, Family, Job, Church, Marriage, Politics . . .).

I’ve been working online for a website full-time for almost two years.  I have hardly any time at all to read blogs and I rarely leave comments.  I know my pool of readers has trickled away even though I never, ever check my stats any more.  I can tell because I have so few commenters anymore.  It’s a far cry from the hey-day when I’d have thirty or forty comments on a post.

It’s kind of sad. And I sort of don’t care.  Except when I do care.

I think about starting over, a brand new, super anonymous blog, but then, I’d have no readers.  And why write if no one reads it?  (Catharsis alone?)  Plus, I don’t have time.  And my brain has dried up like a raisin, all wrinkled and gummy.

I’m never going to start another blog, though.  (Never say never, but I say never.)

Really successful blogs have a plot.  Or a deliberate purpose.  This blog has neither.  But it’s mine and we have a long history together, sort of like a relative you have to invite over for Thanksgiving.  (Disclaimer:  Not that I’m talking about My Relatives or My Thanksgiving.  Obviously.  Maybe yours, though.)

And yeah, I know there will be no comments because my blog is a vacant lot and what is there to say, really, to this sort of an entry?  But on the positive side, at least I’ve managed to come up with something to say without offending anyone I actually know.  Unless you are offended and I know you.

Also?  Yoko Ono annoys me.  Who knew?

32 thoughts on “I’ve been blogging almost six years.

  1. I have been reading both blogs for what must be years now. I feel like I know you even though we have only exchanged emails a few times. I find your life similar to my own and somehow your struggles are my struggles. So keep going….I almost NEVER comment but trust me I always read it!


  2. I’ve been on a similar blog path to yours, minus the big success with the ClubMom blog. My old blog used to get quite a lot of hits, and comments went up. Then, I decided to get my own url and I lost everyone. Which put me in a funk and I stopped posting much.

    Now, I’m back at it. But, I’m public too. My family hasn’t discovered it yet, but they will. My neighbors have. I think I like it, but there are definite drawbacks and I have definitely had the same thoughts cross my mind.

    For what it is worth, I really relate to both your blogs and follow them faithfully. I hope you never stop writing!


  3. Just for the record, I check on you almost daily and always read your new entries. I don’t comment much, though. (As if you didn’t notice! LOL) I’ve started several blogs and quit them all over the past couple of years but I think I’ve finally decided to stick with it. Not for any reason other than I enjoy writing. I have to get into practice, though, if that makes sense. Also I’ve opened an online store and no one will find it if I don’t comment around and get my name out there. Not sure how committed I will be to that over the long haul, though, but I figure if I can sell the stuff I love to make then I can justify making more! (Not telling you this as a sales pitch, by the way! Just randomly blabbering and wanted to comment to say I’m still here and still read you!) Good night, have a great day tomorrow, and keep writing. You are very talented.


  4. Yoko annoys EVERYONE. You are a talented writer and I enjoy reading your work. If you start a new anonymous blog, email those of us who will follow you there and we promise not to tell your friends and neighbors where you went.


  5. I read both your blogs, I have commented on the other one a couple of times. I liked your post about getting old and the feeling of tired fog, I related to that. You are great at putting the feelings so many of us have into words.


  6. I would read more often, but I read through bloglines and your feed comes through with only two lines and a link to read “more.” I admit that I am lazy lately and usually won’t click on that link, I just go on.

    Having a full feed would involve me more, but then again, me being less lazy would be good too.


  7. I’ve been reading your blog since way back when and I still read, and still love your writing, even though I’m not so active with the comments any more.

    And Yoko Ono is just annoying.


  8. Well, even tho I know I have healthy traffic at my blog, I’ve NEVER been able to get a lot of commenters. Even on Delurk days or when I ask people if they have questions. I think it’s because I talk about so much of nothing that I leave very little to be curious about, HA!! One reader, when I was bemoaning my lack of comments, told me it’s because I make people think or they agree so wholeheartedly with what I say they don’t feel they can add on to it. Whatever. Maybe that was back in the days when I had time to WRITE! I still write, but not a whole lot of spill-my-guts-glory out there. Anyway, I agree with Shana…start a new one if you really feel the need and email those of us who’ll continue reading. I’m not sure how long I’ve been ‘visiting’ at your ‘house’ here, Mel, but it’s been a long time now. And even tho we’re a hundred or so miles away from each other, I think of you as a ‘neighbor’ who I like to have a coffee break with every time you post something new. Luckily, I never gave out my blog address to many real-lifers so, outside of one sister-in-law I regret giving it to – I learned my lesson on THAT one – I’m pretty much at liberty to say what I want to. But then, I always have. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, don’tcha know.


  9. Add me to the list of those who read your blog(s) faithfully but don’t usually post. It’s due solely to lack of time, especially right now.

    But I LOVE to read what you’ve written, as I can almost always relate. With the exception of making money on blogging….



  10. Just found you via Sarah & my sentiments echo those of the many comments already posted – even though I just started reading, I will certainly be visiting often.
    Oh and, there is nothing wrong with writing for catharsis. I’m a huge supporter of this concept and would blatantly confess to seek out that emotional purge more often than not in my own writing. 🙂


  11. Happy 6 years!

    I completely understand the feelings you have. I have a defunct blog that I don’t update because family and friends have found it. I can’t let loose when I could hurt someone. I’m also at a crossroads of what my focus should be. So.. I guess I’m saying I understand.


  12. I’ve been blogging almost five years. My biggest surprise about the experience is that I can’t write about many of the things that annoy me or amuse me because the annoyer or amuser might read the post and be offended. I don’t like offending people, even the ones I don’t like.

    I read your blog religiously. Even though we’re in different stages of life (I’m 65), I can identify with so much of what you write and enjoy the beauty of the way you express it.

    When I first got into blogging, I had about 50 blogs I followed regularly. Now it’s down to about a dozen, but yours is one of my never to be missed.

    Although I hardly ever comment, I’m still here and always happy to see a new post – except when it’s a product review. Yuck.


  13. I can relate to some of this. My blog is very private – no one I know in “real life” knows about it, let alone reads it. And while I do have a few regular readers who comment on occasion, most of the time I feel like I’m talking to myself, and I’m wondering what the point is anymore. Comments drive us, I think!


  14. Hi Mel,

    I found you through ClubMom way back when and I still read, though I never comment. I too have been blogging for almost 6 years (Oct. 26 will be mu blogiversary) and my experience has changed over the years as well. I don’t get many comments either, but I know people are reading (not many, but enough for me.) I really enjoy your blogs and your humor and your honesty. Plus, I am dancing around the need to actually do something about the extra weight I’ve accumulated, so I do get inspiration reading about people who actually are trying to lose (and it’s nice to know that we share some of the same issues/pitfalls, too!)

    Anyway, congratulations on six years, and know that I’m here reading, if not commenting.


  15. I want an anonymous blog again too!

    I haven’t posted in mine for nearly a month, because I am strangled by what I can and cannot write at this point. It is fun to keep the glorified photo album I keep now, but it is nothing like writing what is actually in my heart and mind.

    I miss those days when we traded our real thoughts. I am glad to have been one of those original readers of yours.


  16. Ok – apparently we have just all been lurking, and not commenting…and I have to say about 3/4 of the way through this post I had the sinking feeling that you were going to say that this was your last post….thankfully that was not the case! I enjoy reading your blog – and being your Facebook friend. And I quietly nod my head with everything you say on the Diet Naked blog – I am you (except that I abandoned my blog that never got more than 3 comments, nor was ever any good) and now just post about business stuff on the chamber of commerce blog – how boring can one person get? Answer: THAT boring…

    Ok – I’m done now….


  17. I’ve been a long time reader, Bloglines subscriber, and I still look forward to reading when you write. I love your sense of dry humor. Keep on writing. Please.


  18. Who is Yoko? Just kidding! She annoys me too, I *wish* I didn’t know who she was!

    I can’t answer off the top of my (also dried up, prune-y brain) head how long I’ve been reading your blogs, but it’s been quite a while now. Boring or not, I love reading it. Makes me realize that my own life, while boring also, is somewhat a normal one.

    Keep on keepin’ on!


  19. I think it’s somewhere in the Constitution, or maybe the Bible, that says “One shall come who gives the word annoying new meaning, and her name shall be Yoko.” I forget.

    I’ve read you since ClubMom. Your blog is one place that I go where I know it’s real and honest. I never leave feeling badly. I leave feeling like I’ve been to a friend’s house.

    Thanks for inviting us all over.


  20. yeah, well I for one can see you have a couple of readers 🙂

    My blog has no “purpose” other than for my entertainment. Thank goodness for nosey people who like to be all up in someone else’s business ya know. Because that does make it more fun. I was addicted to my comments at one time and turned the feature off for a while, it cured me, now I don’t go outta my way to check.

    very few, ok 4 RL people know of my blog everyone else is a stranger, maybe not as strange as me but still…


  21. Happy 6th Bloggiversary!!! I love your blog!!! It’s honest and funny, even if you don’t have earth shattering news or a poignant story for every single post. It’s nice just to know you are there, in bloggyland, living a normal life…….with teenagers!!!!


  22. Well I originally started with your naked diet blog and when you closed that down I have been following this blog. How is the weight loss going by the way? I started a blog myself for my crafts and such but like you have not told anyone I know except my daughters and I think I have one person that reads mine. I guess it’s just like a virtual dear diary in a way! Keep up the good work!


  23. Yours was one of the first blogs I found.

    My husband and family blame you for my obsessive blog reading over the past five years.

    You should be proud.

    PS: Don’t go away. We would miss you. Really.


  24. So, perhaps you are the Seinfeld of blogging………..even though (you feel) you have nothing to talk about, you still post = relevant, freakin funny entries – whether at 1:37AM (I can commiserate with that one) or 9:39PM. They may seem to be about nothing but, for whatever reason, they resonate with me and it would seem a load of others. You make me laugh – no really – laugh out loud (oh the scorn I feel from all those texters just becasue I wrote that out) – and we all need a laugh. So, congrats on the 6 years, happy anniversary and keep on keeping on!


  25. You might possibly be my newest favorite blogger to read. I’m trying not to comment on every damn post, but I’m cracking up and nodding my head at most of the things I’m reading. You rock.


  26. Hi Mel,
    I don’t have a blog nor do I wish to; however, I have so enjoyed reading you for a couple of years. I was so appreciative of an e-mail you sent to me in response to a comment from me. You made a difference and I choose to be grateful rather than presumptive. Thanks for sharing your life. My husband is also a minister so I can relate to many of your comments:) You rock and Yoko should be under one…


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