The hottest day of . . . ever

It’s approximately ten thousand degrees here in the Pacific Northwest.  Rainy Seattle?   A faint memory.

That’s all anyone in Western Washington can talk about because it’s so weird and so hot and did I mention so hot? I think we are setting records with our triple digits.  (Nothing for you Phoenix people, but we are not used to this heat.)

We have air conditioning–a rarity in these parts–but tomorrow I’m leaving the chilliness of my house and taking the kids to our weekly outing to Wild Waves.  I predict a million other people will also be there.  I know.  You totally wish you could be me.

Dream on.

10 thoughts on “The hottest day of . . . ever

  1. It’s even warmer here. Supposed to be at LEAST 107 degrees, even warner if the east wind starts blasting down on us. At 3:42 am it is 80 inside the house. I’m dying, even with 7 fans going 24/7. 90 is going to seem Arctic in comparison. And I do so NOT envy you at Wild Waves today. But have fun anyway. At least it’s an almost-day-off for you.


  2. Coolest July on record here in Michigan.

    I am LOVING it.

    But, of course, I DO feel sad for you. Heat and humidity suck the life right out of me.


  3. We’ve been hearing about the heat in Seattle here in NC! It’s been an exceptionally mild summer here in the mountains. Can’t say that about anywhere else, but we’ll pay for our terrific summer (so far) in winter. That’s why we aren’t bragging. Just RELIEVED and BLESSED.


  4. I know! I talked to my Mom last night in Lakewood, and the hot weather was all she would talk about! And I thought coming up there would be a relief from the weather here in Livermore!! Ack! Well, we’ll be there in 2 weeks, so maybe it will have cooled down a bit by then (PLEEEEEZE?)

    Growing up there, I recall temps in the 90’s, but it *NEVER* hit 100. Oy!!!

    Stock up on popcycles, Mel!!


  5. South Texas is having their worst drought ever according to certain sites. Last night we actually got rain here in Amarillo. I watched the neighbors tree fall on their trampoline. Scared the life out of my girls. We had several horrible days here with heat but right now it is only 84. I’m making chili verde today so it feels horrid in the kitchen. Glad we got central air and doors that close off the kitchen.

    I’m counting down the days until fall comes. It can’t come soon enough for sure.


  6. The heat is getting to me too! Today I was running around the house (yes, house, not even outside yet) and I was so hot that I forgot to shut the door. (Why yes, the front one!) My husband came home for lunch and thought we were getting robbed.


  7. I’m so coming over to your air-conditioned house whilst you suffer at Wild Waves. It’s 106 in Puyallup. My thermostat’s needle is pinned.

    🙂 have a good ‘un.


  8. We are having really beautiful weather here in the suburbs of Chicago – perfect – and we have yet to hit a triple digit – or even a heat index…it’s odd, though


  9. Like MissKris said, it’s beastly hot. I don’t remember ever being this hot. I moved away from Sacramento to get away from this kind of hot. It’s finally cooled down, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Going to take my kids to Wild Waves in a couple of weeks, for oldest daughter’s birthday.


  10. I sympathize. Although I am up in Bellingham and it is said to not be as hot as Seattle, I am still melting! No a/c…just a lot of fans and a lot of water. Ugh. The 70* they predict next week sounds fabulous!


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