You can’t see me

Today, even in the shade, it was hot.  Welcome, Global Warming.  I thought you’d never get here.

However, we have air conditioning, so I’m wearing a sweatshirt as we speak.  And slippers with socks.  (I am very attractive while working at my computer.)  And my knees and nose are cold.

I tried to sleep in today.  My “sleep-in” days are numbered with school approaching at an alarming rate.  Last week, I had to wake up the kids to go to Vacation Bible School.  Today?  At 7:00 a.m. my sweet, annoying little daughter came in to ask me some inane question which I can’t remember because I was asleep.  She came in several more times until I was delirious with frustration and fatigue and maybe a little rage.

The best ten dollars I’ve spent this summer was definitely the inflatable pool that sits on my deck.  The water’s already warmed up and my daughter and her dolly slide down that little slide into that small pool with great glee.  It’s hilarious to watch the variety of sliding she does.  The boys are all content to stay indoors in the chilly air.

My 11-year old had the first official day of football practice which will now take place Monday through Friday from now until eternity.  Forever and ever, amen.  And it was a billion degrees, but he seemed happy to go and practice.  I dropped him off and took my daughter to the pool where I sat in the warm shade and answered email on my phone and followed Twitter and participated in a Facebook party.  I am so technologically advanced and also addicted to my cell phone.  I know.  Don’t you want to be me?  Or at least text me?

Tomorrow morning I have to take the 11-year old to get shots for sixth grade.  What a pain, in more ways than one.  So, no sleeping in.

Just in case you were wondering, working full-time during the summer is no fun.  The kids don’t entirely understand why I don’t have summer vacation, too.  However, I am lucky to work at home, plus I was able to rearrange my schedule so I have Wednesdays off until 7 p.m. . . . which is why you’ll find us at Wild Waves again this Wednesday.  You won’t see me, though, because I have special powers of invisibility when I’m wearing a swimsuit.

5 thoughts on “You can’t see me

  1. Our son got vaccinations a few weeks ago. So many shots. The dr was supposed to set up an appt with a specialist. Yesterday I called to find out why no appt yet. They had no record of the dr asking to have one made.

    It is amazing how inefficient systems are, any more, even without government-run health care.


  2. That may sound like a non sequitur, but every little mom thing has a story that finds its correlate in another mom.


  3. My 13yo starts football practice in a few weeks. He is so jazzed, and we are excited for him. I just don’t look forward to having our lives dictated by the football schedule for the next few months…

    I too have special powers while wearing my swimsuit. I am disguised as an overweight, middle aged mom, when in reality, I have a hot beachbody that would drive the masses wild could they but get a glimpse. See what I do for mankind?


  4. We have not been to Wild Waves yet (from Vancouver WA) because I have been unable to ascertain whether or not they sell beer there. Because I am NOT going to spend the day frolicking in the Wild Waves without an adult beverage. So we’re hitting Great Wolf again next week. Also? I envy your swimsuit invisibility super power. My only super power is that I can eat an entire FAMILY SIZE bag of nacho cheese Doritos by myself in one sitting. Awesome, I know.


  5. I almost can’t read that post it makes me so jealous. Did you say “air-conditioning”? I wasn’t aware it existed in homes in these parts. My husband had to work tonight at the Seattle Convention Center and mentioned that the room he is in is so cold he almost needed a jacket. I nearly burst into tears. I might hire a babysitter tomorrow night and leave my kids to roast it out while I go sit in the cold Convention Center for a few hours while Brett works.


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