You must buy this book: Notes from the Underwire

I have evidence in my blog from 2006 that I loved The QC Report even then.  (I mentioned it in this old blog post here.)   But I have no idea how or why I started reading Quinn Cummings’ “The QC Report” blog.  I only know that once I did, I couldn’t stop because she is hilarious.  Also?  Smart and wry and hilarious.  Oh wait, did I already say hilarious? Hilarious.

I must confess I did a Google search on “Quinn Cummings” after someone else said in a comment, “Are you The Quinn Cummings?” and I thought, um, I might be missing something.  So Google it was.  And then I found out she was a child star (nominated for an Oscar in “The Goodbye Girl” and appearing in the television series “Family”). While she was busy acting as a child, I was busy not watching movies as a child, so I had no clue.  (I ought to rent “The Goodbye Girl.”)

But no matter.  I just liked her blog.

Then, one fine and happy day, an editor noticed her blog and voila!  Her brand new book Notes from the Underwire:  Adventures from my Awkward and Lovely Life was born.

Boy, that made it sound so easy, didn’t it?

Quinn says it took a year of writing and a year of rewriting.  And most of the stuff in the book is new material, not already appearing on her blog.

I was a lucky duck because I got to read it in its unfinished form–over 250 8×11 sheets of paper bound together in an awkward and not lovely binder that kept coming apart in my hands as I attempted to read in bed.  But I read every page–not something I always do when reviewing a book for this blog.

Let me be perfectly clear.  I loved this book.  I hope Quinn has  along and happy career as a writer of books.

In the meantime, I’m going to order my very own copy of Notes from the Underwire.  It will live on the shelf near Anne Tyler books and Anne Lamott books and Annie Dillard books.  And though I don’t have much space, I will clear a section out for more Quinn Cummings books.  May it be so.

2 thoughts on “You must buy this book: Notes from the Underwire

  1. OMG! I saw “Quinn Cummings” and I was thinking – I know that name. Where do I know that name from? I identify with “The Goodbye Girl” so much – I lived the life that Quinn’s character played in that movie! You should definitely rent it.

    I will definitely be checking out her blog and her book – thanks for the recommendation!


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