Hanging on by my ragged fingernails

We’re out of milk and bread.  I haven’t figured out what to cook for dinner for the past four days.  I don’t know what we’ll have tomorrow.  We have no potatoes.  I can’t remember the last time I ate a vegetable.

I need to go to the bank because I have no checks.  I haven’t ordered checks in a million years since I hardly ever use them.  But then, BOOM, I used them up.  And now I need some.

I have to return the grass clippers that I bought at Fred Meyer that are defective.

I really need to go to the grocery store.  I dread bringing my daughter because she is Chatty Cathy and also doesn’t take no for an answer–you better parents would refuse to buy Cheetos and Cocoa Puffs, but I just give in.  It’s easier.  I know.  I’m raising a monster, a serial killer, a spoiled brat.  Or not.  But I wish I didn’t have to grocery shop with her in tow.  I find it exhausting.  I shop as fast as I can when she’s with me.

My house is a wreck.  Vacation last week was followed by complete disarray.  I haven’t been able to catch up on my housework or laundry since I started working again the day I got back from the beach.  For some reason, I thought it was wise to over-schedule myself, so Monday I spent several hours at the doctor’s office before work.  Tuesday I spent several hours at the dentist office before work.

Today, I took the kids to Wild Waves.  Then picked up an extra kid and delivered him to his house along with one of my boys.  Returned home, took one of my teenagers and his friend to the local beach to play volleyball.  Then took my daughter to the pool.  Returned home for an hour and then started working again, a five hour shift which just ended half an hour ago.

My cats have no food.

What I need is half a day, a good solid six hours, to grocery shop, clean and shake the sand out of my head.  I just cannot get myself together.

But I did find my lost Wild Waves season pass–unfortunately, I found it after we returned from Wild Waves.

I would like to sleep in tomorrow.  However, as I have pointed out, I must go to the grocery store and bank or my entire world will collapse in a heap.  And then I’d have to clean up the broken heap of my world and frankly, I just don’t have time for that.

8 thoughts on “Hanging on by my ragged fingernails

  1. This post is simply hilarious! Almost makes a person wonder why going anywhere on vacation is supposed to make sense – you go away to have some freedom from work, but even that backfires and creates more work.

    I, too, am out of bread and milk – my cat needs food and a clean litter box. but no one is here to notice, and my “kids” can drive themselves wherever they need to go – that’s the bad and the good, as I see it.


  2. I have no idea who you bank with but we can order our checks online with our bank and then have them mailed to the bank or our homes. Makes it a LOT easier. I hardly ever use them any more, either.


  3. OMG – I fear we are living the same life on opposite coasts!! I can’t think of grocery shopping again until school starts b/c bringing the kids to the store is akin to eating cut glass… My house is a disaster after being away last week and we’re off on our real vacation Saturday and I can’t pay the bills before we go because I am two checks short!! Don’t even ask me where the cats are – I haven’t seen them in days…And, no — I did not make a mamogram appointment yet (I am saving it for that 6 hour block when I can get the house cleaned, errands run and catch up on the bills…)


  4. your kids will remember the trips to the beach and the friends and the water park and not the fact dinner was not planned and laundry was piled up. You are doing the important things. I tell you this because from this end looking at you, I see it. From my end I see my house in simlar fashion and my kids are asking me to go in the pool or play a game with them and I have to FORCE myself to do the important things (spend time with them) and not clean the house. (although I tell myself if I clean the house I will be a better mom , more patient, better mood…. etc- not.)


  5. Fred Meyer has Freddie’s Playland, do they not? That’s where my little buddy goes when daddy has to shop and needs to be free to string together more than two cogent thoughts. It’s an hour’s worth of peace. Even if you just end up testing the patio furniture. With a book.


  6. Tom DOES have a good idea – “test the patio furniture with a book”. Could that patio chair be relocated to perhaps the bakery section? The bakery section is near the vegetables, right? The bread and milk are in the same half of Freddie’s, so dinner could be about planned – doesn’t help get rid of piles of laundry, but that job never gets finished anyhow, so why bother! You do laundry now; your kids will need clean clothes a week from now. See – give it up! (if only I could, she says…)


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