Picking up where we left off

And just like that, no fever.  My 6-year old woke up ready for action, only there was no kindergarten today since it’s a half day.  (They go on alternate half-days since everyday is a half-day for her.)  I was not so ready for action, so after taking the neighborhood boy to school, I went back to bed.  Going back to bed makes me feel slothful and lazy.  But eight hours of sleep?  Kind of important, if you ask me.

When I woke up, my day began in a hurry-hurry-rush-rush fashion.  I kind of hate it.  I started working at 1 p.m., finished at 5 p.m., had her at the T-ball field by 5:50 p.m., finished watching T-ball at 7 p.m., stopped by the grocery store on the way home and returned home with five minutes left until my last shift of the day.  I finished working at midnight, wrote a few blog posts (apologies for them, but I do so like Amazon gift cards) and read a few blogs (Annie, Sarah, Linda and now it’s shamefully late.  Ridiculously late.  So late that I will waste my morning by sleeping in again tomorrow.

And the cycle continues.

But the weekend is coming.  And I’m taking Monday off.

In my next life, I am not going to complain about being too busy when I’m in high school and college and in those years before I have kids.  Seriously.  I had no idea what busy meant until now.

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