Sick, sick, sick

When I picked up my daughter from kindergarten at 11:47 a.m., she clutched her head and said, “I don’t feel good.”  She went straight up to her bed after school–a sure sign of doom–and stayed up there a few hours, finally coming downstairs with flushed cheeks to report that she still didn’t feel good. They she crawled onto the couch where she huddled under a blanket for a few more hours, insisting that she felt FINE and that she wanted to go to McDonalds and could she please call her friend JUSTIN because she was ready to PLAY.

She felt a little feverish.  Little known fact:  I don’t own a thermometer.  I trust my hands to tell me the severity of a fever.  Plus, I believe that fevers are a sign the body is fighting off infection, so I don’t panic.  She felt a little warm, but–as I said on my Twitter account–she was not oinking, so I figured she doesn’t have the Swine Flu.

Just call me Dr. Mel.  Just don’t call me past midnight.  Or on weekends.  I’m too busy not cleaning my house and not ironing pants to talk right now.

(Anybody besides me dying to get on a plane and go somewhere, anywhere?  Why am I the only person who is stuck at home for endless weeks and months?)

10 thoughts on “Sick, sick, sick

  1. You’re speaking my language, Mel.

    I just found your blog after a long time away, I read you all the time a while back – but y’know, life got in the way. Glad to be here again.


  2. I am the opposite. I have been on planes seemingly every other week since the end of February. New York, California twice, and Chicago. I almost don’t want to go anywhere at all, just stay in my house and finally get it cleaned and finally clear my desk and finally catch up on laundry and finally balance my checkbook.

    I am, however, looking forward to my next trip in June, which will be Palm Springs and Phoenix. Do you think all the slathering myself in sunless tanner will fool anyone, or will I just look like Lindsay Lohan?

    I am sorry your Princess is sick. I believe in the awesome healing power of juice, cartoons, and stuffed animals.


  3. Oh boy, this could be the dreaded swine flu! LOl I’ve seen your posts on facebook as you update us on your swine flu status. You’re hilarious!

    I hope your poor baby feels better soon!


  4. Mel, remember: This, too, shall pass.

    Seriously. When time has flown by and you no longer have children at home, you will look back on these days and wish they could happen again. Okay – maybe that’s too strong a statement to make. Sorry.

    One day at a time (used to be the title of a song I sang…) is all you have to put in. One day! You can do it. Some day soon school will be out; the pool will open; the doors will be endlessly slamming – oops; now I get the picture! I feel for you.


  5. Oh, me too, me too. I want to get on an airplane and go anywhere but here. I’m overwhelmed by my life, my kids, my house – I have fallen behind in all my chores and to-do lists and I need a break!!!


  6. I’m always wanting to escape somewhere. I get to go to TX in June, but my dream is to go on a cruise. Just a four-day to Mexico would be great.

    Hope your munchkin feels better soon!


  7. Glad your little non-oinking girl is feeling better.

    I’m get to go back to Alaska for a week in June for my hubby’s retirement ceremony. Let me know if you want anything.


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