Buy Linda Vujnov’s book!! Or win a copy here!

Two years ago, I met a remarkable and hilarious person at Mt. Hermon’s Christian Writers Conference.  Linda Vujnov plopped herself down at my lunch table the very first day.  We’ve been friends ever since.

Linda is a real live OC (Orange County) housewife–she has four children, a husband and at least one dog.  (I cannot be sure of the dog situation–they just adopted a new dog.)  She writes an amusing blog, but more notable than that is the fact that she snagged herself a book contract with Zondervan that very first year!  In fact, Zondervan published her book of devotionals (Spilt Milk:  Devotions for Moms) last month.

Spilt Milk is full of funny anecdotes–Linda tells the craziest stories–like, for instance, how she came to possess an autographed photograph of herself and John Stamos or about the time she accidentally drank PineSol in the aisle of Target (who can make up this stuff?) . . . these are unconventional devotionals for moms.  For sure.

Now, you will probably want to order a few copies of Linda’s book for Mother’s Day gifts (for yourself, your mom, your sister, your neighbor) or for baby showers.  You can order Spilt Milk from Amazon, in fact.

And . . . it’s your lucky day because I have a copy to give away!  All you have to do is . . . uh, leave a comment!  Yes, that’s it!  Extra points if you visit one of the links in this post and . . . order a book?  Well, I can’t promise extra points, but you should buy a book and I’m not just saying that because Linda is my pal.  You should buy a book because Spilt Milk is a fun, funny and easy-to-read book.  It would look great on your coffee table or bedside table and you will enjoy reading it.

So don’t forget to leave a comment!  And buy Linda’s book!

(Linda did not pay me to say this.  I say it because I like Linda and I like her book and one day, I hope she will do the same for me if I should ever miraculously snag myself a book contract.)

12 thoughts on “Buy Linda Vujnov’s book!! Or win a copy here!

  1. So I l;inked to her blog – and you’re right! I love her writing, and will now be a follower (in a bloggy sort of way)I’ll go check out her book next!


  2. Am I too late for the book?

    I have been to her blog and remember the talk of Spilt Milk. But I have {excuse coming up} been so busy and struggle to keep up with my favs, like you {kiss up not intended}

    Thanks for reminding me of her blog.


  3. I checked Linda out & she sounds awesome!! I will definitely read her blog & would LOVE to check out her book!! Thanks Mel!! Hope your trip is great!!


  4. Ah, great blog… I happen to have a mother-to-be in the family (and I’m going to be a grandmother) so this book would be great for her! (hint, hint) Have a good trip to California!


  5. Thanks for linking us to Linda’s site. Her book sounds great for myself (mom to 6) but also to recommend to the bible study I lead for moms with young kids. I’d love to win your copy!
    Enjoy California!


  6. I’m going to try again because I think my previous comment went in your spam folder. (Why does WordPress blogs do that to me?)
    Anyway, I’m a little late seeing this post but want to enter the giveaway. Thanks for the link and the chance to win her book.


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