To Do List

1)  Edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite, fiddle, fret and send off articles/novel (ha ha) for review at conference.  Must arrive Tuesday, March 30.  Hello, Overnight Mail.  [NOTE:  Hey, who messed with my calendar?  March 30 is MONDAY, not Tuesday!]

2)  Attend new membership class at church tomorrow morning beginning at 8:30 am.  IN LESS THAN EIGHT HOURS.  And it’s an hour’s drive to get there.  Kill me now.

3)  Become a Morning Person.

4)  Cook meals.

5)  Get hair cut.

6)  Work extra hours on Sunday in preparation for being away at conference next weekend.  Then work all week.

7)  Freak out about being fat.

8)  Find newly purchased lost lip pencil.

9)  Clean off desk.

10)  Launder clothes.

11)  Plan wardrobe for writing conference next week.  Freak out about being fat. Consider eating cookies.

12)  Download information required for writers conference.

13)  Go to bed immediately.

14)  The end.

15)  I mean it.  Go to bed.

16)  Me, not you.  GO.  TO.  BED.

2 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. How long did it take you to really make it to bed? The first thing I lose is sleep when I have a stressful week ahead of me.


  2. 17) BREATHE!
    18) Know that there is a whole blogosphere of people who love you, believe in you, and are routing for you.
    19) BREATHE!
    20) Know that one of your blog groupies loves and uses often the expression ‘kill me now.’
    22)As much as we wish they would, cookies will not pack a suitcase. What’s up with that?
    24)Many of us cannot wait until you get back from your conference to hear your always amusing perspective on life.


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