Very late night rambling

It SNOWED today.  That’s just wrong.  This is the Pacific Northwest where daffodils are beginning to appear and where the scent of freshly cut grass wafted into my van the other day.  Snow is just wrong, even if it is February.  If I wanted snow in February I might still live in Michigan. Also?  The fish still lives, though it lists a little to the right.  Poor fishy.

Tomorrow my daughter has no kindergarten again because it’s time for conferences.  The other kids have half-days.

That explains why I am answering email and writing a blog at 1:25 a.m.  I can sleep in tomorrow morning.  (My ten year old is so self-sufficient, it’s amazing.)

I half expect school to be canceled entirely because the roads will freeze tonight, thus paralyzing our entire town.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?  We’ll all be stuck at home and the only ones who will suffer are the three cats who need new kitty litter in a desperate way.

4 thoughts on “Very late night rambling

  1. Around here, it’s more likely to snow in February than in December. Of course, we got our fair share then, too! 🙂
    What’d you actually get last night? We barely got a dusting up here… windshields are a bit white, but not roofs, grass, or anything else really.


  2. We have had snow 3 times this winter in Paris, France. That too is also just wrong! We usually don’t have any snow and this year the first snow fall stayed on the ground for about 10 days – the dog was the only one who appreciated it. I am waiting for spring!


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