I admit

1)  Until I was in college, I had no idea that basketball players had any sort of strategy.  I thought each game was basically a free-for-all.  Even professional games.

2)  I hate parties.  I hate to mingle and make small talk, especially with other introverts.

3)  While my husband was out of town, I purchased and consumed a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for lunch.

4)  I’m a lackadaisical housekeeper.

5)  I had to look up “lackadaisical” in the red dictionary I keep by my desk.

6)  I have some unread magazines from 2002 that I am convinced I will read some day.

7)  My storage room is a disaster.  Again.

8)  I have been meaning to look up information about lilacs for about three years.  I need to know how to prune my big old bush in the front yard and I wonder why my little bush in the backyard won’t bloom.  I never remember to do the research.

9)  My desk is covered in dust.

10)  I can’t wait until the new season of “Survivor” starts.  I have watched every season.  I think I would be an excellent “survivor” except that I despise camping and sleeping on the ground.  And if I don’t shower every day I get cranky.

10 thoughts on “I admit

  1. Ditto on 2 and 4, tho I used to be a fastidious housekeeper once upon a million years ago — before grandbabies, ha! Dictionary.com is a great site for a quick look-up of a word.


  2. To ensure abundant flowering, cut off all spent blossoms each year and prune the flowering stem back to a set of leaves in order to prevent seeds forming, thereby directing the energy usually spent on seeds to next year’s flower production. If this is not done, good flowering years may be followed by bad.

    When the plant becomes leggy, renewal pruning is required. Remove about one-third of the oldest stems at ground level each year for three years. This encourages the growth of vigorous new stems from the base. By the end of the three years the plant should be fully rejuvenated with its blossoms once more at nose level.

    The plants should be fertilized in early spring and again directly after flowering with an all-purpose fertilizer such as a 10-10-10, watered in well. And tough as lilacs are, they need supplemental water during periods of drought.


  3. God bless extroverts!

    (I had to look up extroverts in the blue dictionary I have by my computer. It makes me feel old that my college dictionary doesn’t have the word “internet” in it.)


  4. You have to prune your lilac bush right after it’s done flowering. If you wait longer, you will be cutting off next year’s blooms.


  5. i agree, not showering would make you very cranky…and then they would all target you to go home at tribal council. i can see your name being written, in various spellings, of course, on endless pieces of rustic looking paper.

    no. your unshowered crankiness would get you kicked out.


  6. I used to keep old magazines. Okay, okay, I still keep some. But one day hubby promised to pay me a quarter for every magazine I tossed. I earned 11 bucks. =) And I’m all about number 4 too. And number 5. But not in a red dictionary!


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