Ice is ruining my week

Did you know that Christmas is a week from Thursday? That’s my Public Service Announcement for the day. I’m terrified that my family expects to eat food on Christmas Day. The thought alarms me because I still haven’t figured out what we will be eating for dinner tomorrow.

I am just hoping that the meteorologists (that is a hard word to spell at 12:40 a.m.!) are wrong and that we are not going to get snow (a “blizzard!” my son’s friend assures us) tomorrow. At the very least, I’d like the snow to arrive at 3:00 p.m. so the children will have already put in a long, long, long day at school. My 6-year old hasn’t gone to kindergarten this week–stupid 2-hour delays–and I am losing my mind.

No, really. I kind of intended to use these last few mornings before Christmas break (NEXT WEEK) wrapping presents and doing last-minute Christmas things. This week is in shambles and it’s all due to ice on the roads.

So I hope to wake up to no snow tomorrow. And a morning free of a certain 6-year old with only one and a half eyebrows.

7 thoughts on “Ice is ruining my week

  1. I think I’m just going to roll with the punches ’til Christmas. Whatever will be and all that jazz. I haven’t gotten Christmas cards done. I’ve bought two gifts. If we’re iced in on Saturday, the two gifts are it, I guess, since I can’t get out shopping thru the week because of caring for the grandsons. Maybe we’ll have Christmas NEXT Saturday???? We’re hearing a different weather forecast on each station here in Portland…from a trace to 6″. I’m waiting for Spring.


  2. I hope you don’t get that snow, Mel. It’s a dirty trick, Mother Nature’s ways, to have your kids home the week before a break. It happened to us one spring — we were snowed in for four days and then they had ‘spring break’ the week after. (shudder)


  3. lol, snow days **spits** hate them with a passion, i mean, afterall why do i want to be a parent when the school is supposed to do that for me 5 days a week sept-may, geez the nerve!!!


  4. I think you may have to adjust your expectations a smidge; it’s supposed to be bad today and then only let up a bit until Sunday when another round comes in.
    Do you have wood for the fire? Hot Cocoa? Time for “cocooning” and, as they say, enjoying togetherness. Hang in there. We feel your pain here too.


  5. Geez – Snow and Ice keep getting in my way as well! We are due to get 6 more inches of snow w/ice later today,(there is already 6 on the ground – and I have way too much to do today – and none of it even Christmas related! I still have all of that, as well….sheesh!


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