The eyebrow incident

Tonight, I cradled my daughter in my right arm while we both stretched out on the bed. She was crying because her morning kindergarten class is canceled tomorrow because of the inclement weather (i.e. ice on the side roads). I tried to distract her by telling her that we’d do something tomorrow, only I couldn’t really come up with something fantastic. She turned her face to mine and asked if we could go shopping and it was then that I noticed her right eyebrow.

It looked weird. Her tooth looks really weird, too, since it’s beginning to come loose, but that eyebrow . . . I began to stroke it with one finger. I brushed it back and forth as she continued to chatter.

Then: “Did you cut your eyebrow?” Surely not. The idea was outlandish.

“No” she said, without conviction.

“Really? Because it looks like . . . well, it looks like you cut it. Did you?”


“Grace, you cut your eyebrow, didn’t you?”

And she admitted that she had, indeed, cut her eyebrow. I don’t think she realized that scissoring her eyebrow would actually CUT her eyebrow.

She used the Fiskars scissors for kids and I pictured her stabbing herself in her eyeball and so I said, “Grace, do not cut your eyebrows! You might poke yourself in the eye! Don’t do that!”

She said she wouldn’t.

At least it wasn’t her hair (which she tells me she wishes were “smooth”–we curly-haired types just want straight hair). She cut her hair a couple of years ago (I couldn’t find the post I did about it) and it’s only just now grown out. Her hair grows very slowly and then boings into curly ringlets.

She’s still bummed about not going to school tomorrow. I hope her boredom doesn’t tempt her to pierce her own ears or remove her own spleen. What ever happened to just cutting the hair off of a Barbie?

7 thoughts on “The eyebrow incident

  1. lol, remove her own spleen, you crack me up!…speaking of removing things, my hubby is having surgery thursday for a hernia repair, if you could say a quick prayer for him thursday morning (surgery is at 9:00 or so, they said), i’d apprecitate it! take care…


  2. First about hair. I LONG for Evangeline Lilly’s hair (from LOST), it is so beautifully wavy. Not too curly to do anything with but wavy enough to create beautiful volume. We were watching season 4 last night and I told my husband that every time I see Kate (Lilly’s character) I think about her hair. It doesn’t help that she is a knockout of a woman! So tell your baby girl that we all want what we can not have. My hair can’t hold a curl to save its life and I refuse to perm it at my age. It scares me! Besides, your little girl will probably grow up the envy of all the straight hair girls!

    Second, years ago while we were at Chuck E Cheese my now oldest daughter was looking to get a toy with her tickets. I was looking at her sideways and saw that her long eyelashes were missing. Right there in CEC I said “Nicole Mae, did you cut your eyelashes????” She of course said no until I made her fess up to it. She got disciplined for that one, only because she lied though. Now that she is 18 years old we can laugh about it.

    And Mel, do your children tell you how much they used to be naughty? I thought my girl was angelic until she started telling all these stories of sneaking candy and staying up too late! It ok though. If all my children turn out as good as my oldest I have done my job well done.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Please tell your lovely Gracie that my Grace (yes, it’s her middle name) would love to have her curls instead of the fine, straight shoulder-length locks she inherited from her mom. Most pictures of angels show them with curly hair, so she is in good company!


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