The weekend and some books I’m reading

I never did answer all those questions from a few posts back. I answered the easy ones and then put off answering the rest. I will take a look at them this week, though, and give it a shot.

Thanksgiving dinner is a fuzzy memory and Christmas approaches with alarming speed. I joined the throngs of shoppers Friday (and Saturday, though there were no throngs on Saturday) and have managed to buy each of my children his or her requested item. Now, all I have to do is “fill in the blanks” with gifts I know they want, even though they don’t realize they want them. (Like the year I presented my preschool-aged twins with solid wooden blocks, which the children in our family still play with. At the time, they boys responded, “We already have blocks.” True, but they didn’t have awesome, cool, expensive blocks.)

We have Christmas lights on the house, two inflatable snowmen in the yard and nettings of lights on the boxwood hedge. The interior of my house still looks like Thanksgiving, though. The Christmas tree I ordered from hasn’t yet arrived and I haven’t had the gumption to haul out the Christmas decorations, even though I know it will be fun to see them. I always forget what I have from year to year.

I’m reading a book that I’m going to review here. It’s called Two Weeks Under and has a unique premise. Last week, I read Mark Driscoll’s book, Confessions of a Reformission Rev
I read a bunch of it out loud to my husband because it made me laugh. It was written by my pastor–it’s so weird that my husband is no longer my pastor–and I liked the insight I gained about our church.

Oh, and I want to tell you about Phil Done’s book, 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny. I absolutely loved this book and I’m not just saying that because Phil himself sent me a book to review on this blog. I LOVED THIS BOOK! If you have a third-grader, if you were a third-grader, if you are a teacher or if you’ve ever had a teacher you will also LOVE this book. It would also make an awesome “teacher gift” for your child’s teacher, as a matter of fact. Tuck a gift card into the front cover and it would be a Perfect Gift, if you ask me. I laughed. I cried. I thought a lot about third grade and my favorite teacher, Miss Brittingham.

You can order Phil Done’s book from his website as well as from

3 thoughts on “The weekend and some books I’m reading

  1. I never imagined you’d have inflatables in your yard. I like that you do.

    I had a third grader last year, and she had a wonderful teacher. I loved my third grade teacher. She was old, but she was so kind.


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