Just so you know

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser quickly and easily removed the Sharpie-marker marks from my laptop computer screen.

Between work shifts tonight, I made three pies, peeled a bunch of potatoes and sweet potatoes, chopped onions, celery and green olives. I have made enough Thanksgiving dinners that I regard the preparation without any alarm. I even manage gravy with great nonchalance.

Sometimes I remember myself as a newish bride asking a friend, “So, how do you mash potatoes anyway?” that long ago Thanksgiving in my kitchen in Marysville. It seems impossible that I haven’t always been mashing potatoes without a second thought.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! (Someday, I will find and scan the picture of myself as a fourth grader performing in the starring role of the turkey in the Thanksgiving play. I am trying to figure out why I was so desperate to BE the turkey in the Thanksgiving play. Maybe I should find a therapist to unlock this mystery.)

Now, go eat pie!

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