I came downstairs to do a last email check (see: addiction) and discovered two Sharpie-marker scrawls on my laptop screen. My daughter is obviously to blame since there are several pieces of paper with math problems written in Sharpie-marker on my desk. (1 + 1 = 2 and so on).

But how do I get the Sharpie-marker off my screen?


(My weekend? I rearranged my teenage boys’ room which took most of Saturday. But before that, I took the younger kids to see “Bolt” which was an excellent movie. Highly recommend it for kids of all ages. And today? We went to church, then I shopped at the home improvement store for stuff to improve my home and at the bookstore for stuff to improve my mind. Then I ordered a Christmas tree from The end.)

13 thoughts on “Help!

  1. I was going to say Comet/Ajax cleaner which I’ve had success with on tabletop surfaces. Then I googled it… and got a wide response about using toothpaste on permanent marker stains. One person said it worked well on the TV screen, so maybe it could work on the laptop screen. Yikes; good luck!!


  2. Today I am thankful I have no Sharpie marker scrawled across my screen. 🙂
    Sorry,don’t know the solution. Can you call/email the mfr?


  3. I would try a diluted solution of rubbing alcohol and warm water (50/50) and dip a soft cloth in to rub gently. I know it’s safe for the screen, but I don’t know how well it might take Sharpie off – yikes!

    Thanks for the Bolt recommendation – it’s definitely going on our weekend activity list!


  4. definitely rubbing alcohol. I wouldn’t use WD40; it can dissolve the plastic coating on the screen. Not that I have any personal experience with that or anything.


  5. Diluted nail polish remover? I have used that mixture to remove several hard stains around the house. I have NO idea if it is safe for a laptop screen, though.

    What about Goo Gone? I know it works on sticky things, but IF it’s safe for the screen, it’s worth a try.

    I’ll keep thinking, but this is a tough one.


  6. From Wikipedia:

    Though Sharpie ink will become permanent after setting, it can be easily erased for several hours after writing on many glossy (non-porous) surfaces, most readily smooth metal and glass. Since the ink is based on propanol, butanol and diacetone alcohols, denatured alcohol will remove permanent ink writing from almost all non-porous surfaces. WD-40 will work moderately well on recent markings if alcohol is not available. Sharpie ink that has dried for more than several hours can be removed with acetone, but due to the power of the solvent, acetone may damage the surface material. On some surfaces, the ink can be removed by coloring over the ink with a dry erase marker and then removing the Sharpie ink and dry erase marker ink with a dry cloth. Steam cleaning has proved effective also. Magic Eraser has also proven somewhat effective on hard surfaces such as brick and very effective on wood furniture.


  7. My daughter did this on my LCD monitor (brand new) when she was 2….

    I used EXPO dry erase board cleaner and a paper towel like cloth (that wasn’t scratchy). A good amount of pressure was required to scrub it off, but my monitor is still looking great almost four years later.

    Good luck! Didn’t your heart just sink when you saw that? I know mine did, I was so happy to get it off.


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