You asked. I’m answering.

You asked:  how long have you been married? i think that is you and your husband in the top right pic, am i right? are the kids in the pics at the top yours?? and how many do you have exactly?

* * *

I’ve been married for 21 years, 3 months and 24 days.

The picture at the top is my husband and me before we were married.  The other pictures are of the children, but not recently.   I have four kids, twin boys (15), boy (10) and girl (6).  The twin boys are adopted.  The others are not.

And that concludes this episode of ask and tell.

You asked. I’m answering.

2 thoughts on “You asked. I’m answering.

  1. i am adopted!! my twin sister and i were adopted at 10 years of age! i also have a brother who was adopted by family of my adoptive mother (so we sort of grew up together). aaww. what a cute pic of when you were little. i stopped by your diet blog…i like it, i think i’ll sotp in there too from now on, if you don’t mind 😉 take care!!


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