Go ahead, ask a question

I’ve been sitting here for a solid ten minutes, wondering if I have anything to say.  I don’t.  Well, I do, but I can’t.

That’s where you come in.  Do you have any questions?  Ask.  I may answer.   I hope you are more creative than I am.

This blog is going down the tubes, and fast.

12 thoughts on “Go ahead, ask a question

  1. it’s not going down the tubes…i come here everyday to read about you!! i love your blog! i have been reading for a little while but would like to ask a couple questions. how long have you been married? i think that is you and your husband in the top right pic, am i right? are the kids in the pics at the top yours?? and how many do you have exactly? thanks!!


  2. You know, you write two blogs…and you have a busy life, and sometimes you sound a little overwhelmed. I love your blogs, both of them; would it be a terrible thing to combine the two? (and hey, it would be easier for ME to “read all about it” in one place…I’m just saying…)


  3. You, like me, have big kids and little kids. Do you ever feel guilty about the attention the little kids get and need while the big kids seemingly languish in their bedroom listening to music, even though it is by their own choice (or dare I say command)?


  4. Northern lower Michigan has about eight inches of snow on the ground presently. Tell us again why you wanted to leave all that for Washington State.

    I know you’ve mentioned it before, but I’d like to hear it again.


  5. Have they started decorating downtown for Christmas yet? How about Bellevue Square mall? I miss Frederick & Nelson. They had the absolute best decorations each year.


  6. What is your earliest memory? Your favorite memory from high school or college? The funniest thing Grace has said lately? (I’m a sucker for cute kid stories!)


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