Busy, busy, busy

The toilets are clean. The refrigerator contains a gallon and a half of milk. (The boys drank half a gallon already.) The dishes were scrubbed and I washed two loads of laundry.

Here are the errands I ran this morning:

1) Dropped off little kids at school.

2) Returned to school with forgotten library book.

3) Dropped off overdue video games.

4) Bought bagels at bagel store.

5) Cashed check at bank.

6) Shopped at Target, primarily for birthday gift for party on Saturday.

7) Picked up daughter from bus stop. Realized I’d forgotten my coupon organizer (I’m a nerd) at Target.

8) Returned to Target and claimed organizer. (Can’t believe it was there!)

9) Shopped at grocery store.

10) Home just in the nick of time.

That adventure took four hours, possibly because I ran into road construction about four times and at Target the cashier thought I should have received a gift card for five bucks because I purchased five cases of pop. (I’d only picked out four, but retrieved a fifth when she told me about the gift card.) Then, the gift card did not emerge, so she walked me over to customer service where the employee spent ten or fifteen minutes trying to figure out the problem. The problem was that it was the promotion LAST WEEK. And then, of course, I had to backtrack and get the coupons I’d forgotten.

And we have milk.

3 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. That’s a heckuvalot, girl! Let’s see. I will now make you feel better.

    It is 11:34 a.m. here in So Cal. I got up and took The Princess to her babysitting job. I came home and ate oatmeal for breakfast. I started reading a book, and got very, very tired. I then laid down on the couch for 1-1/2 hours, while my 12yo didn’t do his school work. Then, I got up and had a snack. Now, I’m on the computer, blog-hopping. I am a total lazy bum today!

    We have school pictures and I have a job (yay!) in a little bit, so I guess the afternoon will look more productive. I hope.


  2. I stood in front of Mt.Dew at Target last week trying to decide if I should get 5 and get a gift card or just get the one I came for. The decision took way too long to make. (I got one. I didn’t want to carry 5.)


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