Not looking at the bright side

Somewhere between dawn and dark yesterday, the heavy weight of sadness settled over me. And today, despite the delight of accompanying my baby girl on her first field trip (to the Pumpkin Patch!), I felt depressed over nothing.

When the whole world goes gray with emotional storm clouds, I survey my interior. Why do I feel like this? What’s happened? And I came up with nothing today. Just the weariness from my weekend festivities (I loved getting my photos scrapbooked, but being with people constantly wears me out since I am introverted at heart) and fatigue in anticipation of the impending weekend: football game with my son in the morning, birthday party with my daughter in the afternoon, fundraising dinner with my husband at night. And maybe hormones are to blame for my mood?

The laundry is piled up and we are out of milk and the toilet upstairs is disgusting.

I’m already sorry that I am not sleeping right now because I will be so exhausted in the morning. But what can be done about that when I work until midnight? And then BOOM, it’s suddenly almost 1:00 a.m. and I am still awake.

Oh, and the video games were due at midnight tonight. I must return them in the morning. After that, I will buy milk.

Being a responsible adult is overrated. However, I cannot seem to break my lease with adulthood. I’m stuck with it until I transition from being responsible into being eccentric, if I’m lucky. (And then, I will pay back my kids by leaving my balled-up socks on their living room floors and a sticky trail of chocolate milk droplets across their kitchen floors.)

6 thoughts on “Not looking at the bright side

  1. i have been “depressed” as of late, too. i think it’s the changing weather. it’s not light as long, it’s cloudy and rainy, and its cool and damp. *moves to california* hugs and prayers…


  2. As a fellow introvert, I feel tired just reading about your week plus your weekend plans. No wonder you’re feeling down. Can you find any slivers of alone time that don’t involve working? Hope things look up soon.


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