Public Service Announcement

Fruit flies flitted about my house this week.  I blame the bananas.

But fruit flies are no match against a housewife with access to Google.

Here is the quickest, easiest way to get rid of them:  Pour a little red wine vinegar (or balsamic, but white won’t work) in a cup.  Add a drop of dishwashing liquid.  Gently mix.

The fruit flies drown themselves in the vinegar.

(This is what my life has become.  I am extraordinarily pleased to have killed four dozen fruit flies with a minimum of effort.)

12 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. I have been battling fruit flies, sans any fruit, for the last month. The vinegar trick has had only modest success for mine. However, vacuuming them out of the air is working, and is infinitely more satisfying.


  2. I discovered this trick last year…while watching “How Clean is your House” on BBC America… works great. I usually put 2-3 cups of it around where the fruit flies are congregating. 🙂

    It is very satisfying to swirl their little corpses around in the vinegar, is it not?!!!


  3. With baskets of apples waiting to be made into applesauce, the invasion of fruit flies is upon us! Thanks for saving me the time on google!!


  4. I used apple cider vinegar and am thrilled to report that it is working! My husband was sooo impressed with my ingenuity. =o) Now we are making a home school project out of it.


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