Two of a kind

Dear Family,

When I buy things in bulk, I intend to use up one container before we open the next. Therefore, I am bewildered to find two opened containers of these items in the fridge:

Parmesan cheese




Cucumber Chip Pickles

Sour cream

You might have noticed that I consolidated the four opened Cheerio boxes (plain and multi-grain) into two boxes. I am begging you not to open another box of cereal until the four open boxes are empty.

Also? Whoever smooshed the mayonnaise sandwich into the couch is fired. You’re fired!



p.s. Please flush the toilet.

15 thoughts on “Two of a kind

  1. Mel – you are SO funny! Rules, rules, rules! But who entertains similar rules? Are the busy people who frequent your house going to actually take the time to think about such trivial matters as smooshed samiches? Surely you have GOT to be kidding!

    On the other hand, though – if posting such notices works for you, way to go mom!

    Which makes me question – if I post rules of cleanliness in my home, do you think I will read and abide by such notices? You have others you can blame – but me? I have no-one; just myself. Oh dear – I’ve just been fired~!


  2. Awesome. πŸ™‚ Been there, done that.

    I finally posted a sign on the wall across from the toilet in the kids’ bathroom with one word on it: FLUSH!!! (Yes, three exclamation points. I think the third one might’ve made the difference.)

    Enjoying your blog. Your life is definitely relatable. πŸ™‚


  3. While we too often have duplicate items open in the fridge or cupboard,I believe we have you beat with four(yes 4!)open bottles of ketchup currently residing in our fridge. Only the Lord knows why. I’ve taken to hiding things I buy in bulk. The only problem is that sometimes I can’t find them either. We are down to two (from four) children still residing at home, so oblviously one of those two is the doouble opener. LOL


  4. tonight we had friends over. I spent the day cleaning up and things looked nice. About half way into the night the wife asks her 4 year old where the bathroom was. I overheard and said something along the lines of, “I can’t promise it doesn’t need flushed. I have four boys in the house and three of them don’t flush” Of course the fourth is my husband.


  5. Moments like those make me realize why my grandmothers perpetuated the myth that a kitchen was a woman’s domain only, and kept her sons ignorant of how to even make a sandwich. At least if they didn’t think any food existed but what magically appeared on the table each evening they couldn’t mess with her pantry πŸ™‚


  6. Ah yes…the doubles of containers in the fridge! I’ve determined that it happens, because if the first container is behind another product, and it would require someone moving or picking up a product to LOOK for the first container – it wont’ happen. The result? We need anew…whatever it is! The other problem…it’s on a lower shelf and would require BENDING OVER to look – again….not gonna happen! So…” Oops we need ot open the new bottle!” Yup…that’s life with family – ya gotta love it!


  7. All the half empty salad dressings and syrups drive me insane. My related peeve is that people (read: everyone around here except me) leave empty containers in there too, giving me the illusion that I have things, when they have actually run out!


  8. haha This post made me laugh–it was so my family growing up. My younger sister had a “thing” about eating the top/first serving of the following items: milk jugs, peanut butter jars, ketchup bottles, and Cheez-It cracker boxes. Therefore, she’d open a new container, eat or drink the top layer, then someone else would have to eat the rest. She’d open a new one every time the top layer was gone! My mom finally realized it when there were 4 peanut butter jars opened and 3 boxes of Cheez-Its! Now that my sister is 23 and married, I’m pretty sure she’s learned to use the WHOLE container.


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