I had plenty of time to go to the grocery store. Grace and I had time to meander, in fact, lingering over birthday candles and sprinkles while she chose what she wanted for her cupcakes. Even though I’d gone for just a “couple” of things, I ended up with a full cart–hey, pop was on sale! (That’s “soda” for you Midwesterners, and “coke” for you Southerners.)

I arrived at the check-stand at noon, an hour before my work-shift began. I opened up my small purse and discovered I was missing my debit card. I took every item from that small compartment and it still did not appear. The purse is small and there was no doubt. I had no debit card.

“Uh, we have a problem,” I said to no one and everyone. “I have no debit card.”

The guy rang up my groceries ($120, though it turned out to be $96 after the coupons) and said he’d put them in the cooler for me.

I raced home, hoping I’d accidentally removed my debit card when I took out some expired coupons. Nope. I never found it.

I remembered that I had some checks to cash, so I grabbed the checks and sped to the bank to cash them. When I had almost reached the store again with cash tucked into an envelope, it occurred to me that I might have just taken the checkbook to the store and paid with a check rather than taking checks to the bank to cash. Duh! The checkbook solution would have taken twenty minutes at the most. The bank solution took forty and made me late for work.

I think I used to be a lot smarter.

I had to cancel the debit card and order a new one. It will arrive in five to seven business days. I can’t begin to imagine what happened to it. Perhaps it’s cavorting with the red GameBoy we lost so many years ago or the cell phone that disappeared one day and never returned.

Have you lost anything lately?

15 thoughts on “Misadventure

  1. I’m blaming both of these on the fact that I was pregnant and my mind was controlled by a (adorable) parasite.

    This all happened in a matter of 2 weeks. I broke my cell phone (after several days of technical CPR and ordering a replacement it was miraculously healed); not even two days later I lost my driver’s license (I swear it was in my pocket with my debit card). Then after a week of rejoycing that my cell phone had been saved, I lost it and never saw it again.

    The lessons I learned were to invest in cheap phones that you don’t cry about loosing, never carry cards in pant pockets when pregnant. OK.. It applies when not pregnant too, but I haven’t hit the acceptance stage of that lesson.

    Check out my blog to hear my hair raising story of checking out at Wal-mart with three children.


  2. Sunglasses. I have five pairs floating around and they disappear all at once. Then they gradually re-appear. Due to this phenomena, I only buy the 2 for $15 glasses sold at kiosks.

    I also lost my lap top. For five horrible hours. During which I thought I would lose my mind.


  3. Went camping this weekend and forgot pillows and towels. Drove 40 minutes to Costco to buy pillows and towels, and left my sister sitting in the car with her child, with the car running. Grabbed the pillows and towels, then spent 15 minutes searching Costco frantically for my keys… which I had left in the running car with my sister. I KNOW I used to be a lot smarter, and a lot more attentive to detail!


  4. We lost our second set of car keys. My husband and I swore we remembered the last time we saw them, but as it turned out two weeks before THAT my son took them in a pocket back up to Tacoma. And he ‘kept forgetting to tell me’ for the whole summer. Until he came home last week, with the car keys.

    And. . . I still can’t find my Rockies visor. We’re hoping it will surface as we’re cleaning out boxes from our move.


  5. I lost my patience with my grandson.

    I KNEW it would happen sometime. It was inevitable that he would someday act like a normal 2 1/2 year old boy.

    Therefore, I have lost my status as “St. Judy the Stay at Home Grandma”.

    Really. Grandmas should NOT get PMS. The two just do not go together very well.

    Oh. And I have lost the Fisher Price baby from the nursery set. This is the second one I’ve lost! The first was from when my kids were small, the second I bought on eBay. I miss him. His little crib, high chair, changing table and little toys await his return.



  6. My keys have been missing for two weeks now and it’s SO frustrating. I’m sure one of the kids put them somewhere but a one and four year old don’t seem to remember the details that I want them too!



  7. I had a similar experience except my debit card ‘expired’ – literally! Unbeknownest to ME, in our neck of the wookds, the debit cards now have an expiry date. Do they let you KNOW it’s going to expire- nope! I just did all my shopping, standing at the check out and viola! “Sorry, your card is not approved.” WHAT?!! “My card is not what??!”…Ok..so I try the ATM machine – which, surprise surprise – it doesn’t work there either! At this point I have NO idea why? I have to drive to the bank – which, oh joy is CLOSED…- then drive home…grab acheque book – go back and rescue my groceries. Got home, called the HELP number at my bank – really frazzled now..and not feeling very friendly – and the lovely voice on the other end of the phone tells me, ” Oh yes..your card is expired. You SHOULD have gotten a new one before the expiry date.” Well thank YOU very much – I didn’t realize that – I will file that piece of knowledge away for the next time I decide to give myself a day of pressured/embarassing grocery shopping! Ugh! So…I didn’t lose my card – it died!


  8. You know I have found that at times, and age has nothing to do with it, that I will get focused one thing-one solution and not be able to see anything else.
    Did you check that “found shoe?”


  9. It happens to me too. When I misplace a sunglass, my debit card or car keys. However, it doesn’t worry me, it usually turns up when you need it the most.


  10. The card key for our hotel room in Ocean shores this weekend. It was just under something, most of my stuff is. We did not have the maid come in except to give us fresh towels so stuff was “hiding” in the sheets. LOL. 🙂


  11. Seriously???t this cracks me up. I did the same thing at the grocery store 2 days ago. My wallet had mysteriously disappeared from my purse (thank you daughter) and I could not pay…..pretty sure the employees made a lot of fun of me as I raced home to find the money…….


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